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Japan, China, Pakistan, and of course India, have all begun to embrace the sport and enjoy it much more. So, the question is, how popular is the NFL in India right now?
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The National Football League is one of the most popular sports organizations in the world. In the United States, it absolutely dominates, resting at the top of the top, as the most popular of the four major sports leagues in the country. American football (henceforth referred to only as football) is also a hugely popular sport worldwide. However, in the case of the NFL and football, the game is mainly popular in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. This is where most of the fandom comes from and where most of the bettors on the sport come from. And with the ever-emerging popularity of offshore betting sites that can be trusted, the popularity of NFL betting is only expected to grow. And with that, the global fandom of the game as well.

For example, in recent years, the game has seen a surge in popularity in quite a few Asian countries. Japan, China, Pakistan, and of course India, have all begun to embrace the sport and enjoy it much more. So, the question is, how popular is the NFL in India right now?

Growing Popularity

Earlier this year, Union Minister Piyush Goyal gave a speech in Melbourne, talking about his desire to introduce football to an audience in India. Mr. Goyal claimed that this introduction will further the relationship between the countries and their cultures. In 2012, Indians all over the country were introduced to the sport through their very own American football league, called the Elite Football League of India (or EFLI). In September of this year, the EFLI celebrated its 10-year anniversary. During the ten years in which the league has been active, the sport has seen a surge in popularity, not just in the country, but in quite a few of the surrounding countries, including Pakistan and Sri Lanka. In fact, both of these countries have a team or two competing in the EFLI.

With the growing popularity of American football in India, many Indian bettors are looking to get into the NFL. This includes learning more about the sport, discovering the top betting sites for betting on the NFL, and finding ways in which they can watch the games. Watching games live does present a bit of a challenge. After all, there is a time difference of over 9 hours between India and the United States. However, there are still ways that an Indian fan of the sport can watch the NFL live.

How Can Indians Watch NFL Matches Live?

As we said, there is a bit of a problem with watching matches from the National Football League if you are in India. India is around 9 hours and 30 minutes ahead of the United States. And most NFL games are played at 7:00 pm. This means that, when an NFL game is being played and broadcast live in the United States of America, Indians are comfortable in their bed in 4:00 am. However, for those who are truly dedicated to watching the games live, there are certain ways.

The first and most popular way to watch NFL games if you are not American is to find a website that provides an excellent streaming service. The problem you will be faced with here is that many websites cater to a US audience. However, this can easily be fixed by fooling the website with a VPN. If you have money to spare, you can get some of the better VPNs available. However, if you don’t want to drop the dough, you can always just get one of the free VPNs that will get the job done.

Another way to stream the games is by making an account at one of the online sportsbooks that cover NFL matches. Many of these websites have partnered up with the NFL and stream the matches on their page or mobile app. So, if you are a betting man or woman, definitely try your hand at discovering a website that covers the national football league and its matches.

Can I Watch the NFL After the Match is Played?

This option is a bit more difficult. After all, while American football is growing in popularity, it is not yet at the point where it is culturally widespread. However, in an attempt to introduce the game to a wider Indian audience, many television networks will occasionally broadcast a game and play reruns. So, the best you can do is get your hands on a TV guide and find out what time an NFL game is going to be broadcast on television. Usually, it is Sony six that telecasts the games.

Final Say

India’s love for American football is growing. The popularity of the sport in the country has reached new heights, and it is only expected to grow even further in the coming future. We hope this article has helped someone discover ways in which they too can participate in the new American football craze taking over India.

This article was written in collaboration with NFL gambling experts.

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