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OROP row: Asking for no amendments in their demands

New Delhi: The NDA Government on Monday refused further compliance to the demands by veterans saying that the core issues had already been addressed. They also added that there is no more space for all demands to be met.

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar pointed out that majority of the demands by the veterans have been achieved. He also underlined the judicial commission that will be set up to look into the glitches.

“This is a democracy. Everyone has the right to demand. Their main demand for the same pension for the same rank has been given. Rest is everything that we had declared (on September 5). Out of that, the confusion about VRS has been removed,” said Parrikar at an event in New Delhi.

The notification by the government is almost along the same lines with what Parrikar had said on 5 September.

The new statement has let go of the suggestion to eliminate ex-servicemen who had pursued premature retirement from the ambit of OROP. Additionally, the armed forces personnel who had opted to get discharged on their request would henceforth not get OROP benefits.

The procedure will take place according to the notification being issued. The notification does not mention the annual equalisation of revised pension for securing pension to the maximum number of the current pensioners, and for appointing a professional commission with representatives of serving military personnel and ex-servicemen.

The ex-servicemen who have been demonstrating at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi since June completely precluded the report.

“The notification will not be acceptable to the rank and file. It is not one rank, one pension but one rank, five pensions,” retired Maj Gen Satbir Singh, Chairman of Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement, who was spearheading the protest said on Saturday to a news agency.

The ambiguity of the notification has led to the returning of medals by the ex-servicemen on the eve of the government’s decision.



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