PART 2: Women Wing Feels Cheated by Aam Aadmi Party on Ticket Distribution

The original woman volunteers of AAP feel betrayed by the party leaders and find ticket selling and favoritism rampant in the party

Delhi Chief Arvind Kejriwal, Wikimedia

– by Naina Mishra

March 5, 2017: This is part 2 of our exclusive story on how Women Wing of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) that has been supporting the cause of “Clean Politics” now feels betrayed and cheated by the opportunist and corrupt practices by the party leadership.

The fight is not for the ticket but for the gratitude of these women who not only strengthened Aam Aadmi Party but gave in their spirit for the nation.

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As the Delhi Municipal election is round the corner, it seems that degeneration of value based volunteer party is at full pace. AAP Mahila wing has already started to feel exploited and used over.

Following the apprehensions on unjust distribution of tickets for upcoming MCD elections on reserved seats for women, a few women volunteers from AAP Mahila Wing gathered in front of Delhi CM’s residence  on March 4 to have a word with him regarding the ticket nominations. It was a peaceful gathering by these women who wanted to speak to Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and put forward their grievances.

The sole purpose of the gathering was to question the basis of selection of the respective candidates and what is it about them that sets them apart. However, the CM was busy in a meeting and could not turn up to their woes. Later, when these women approached Mr. Kapil Mishra, an MLA, and minister of Aam Aadmi Party, he reprimanded one of the women volunteer by saying “hath hata yaha se, peeche hat” (remove your hand from here, back off), as told by Sapna Banswal.

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“We elected these people, we have voted for them and this is how they are treating us now. We are going to show the real power of a commoner. If we can come on roads to support Aam Aadmi Party, we can fight for our rights on the same path as well”, said Sapna Banswal, Vidhan Sabha Secretary, women wing,  of Karol Bagh Vidhan sabha.

“I was attached with all my heart and soul with this party. I do not know what will be the consequence but is certain that the women power in the country is weak and brittle,” told Renu Thakur of Gondha Vidhan Sabha.

“I am from a backward background and have been a part of every protest and rallies. I am myself an Asha worker and have been into social service for a very long time. We want to firm the very existence of a woman, the existence which has been deteriorated here. We will not let the existence of a woman fade away whether we stay in the party or shall be excluded from the party” said Seema Bhardwaj of Karawal Nagar Vidhan sabha.

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Whatsoever be the repercussion of this trepidation, one thing absolutely clear in mind’s of commoners is that the there is no respect for women in our society. The fight is not for the ticket but for the gratitude of these women who not only strengthened Aam Aadmi Party but gave in their spirit for the nation. Now the question is – For how long will the women sacrifice for the sake of the hidden political agendas?

– reporting by Naina Mishra of Newsgram, Twitter @Nainamishr94