[PHOTOS] Hindus and Muslims unite for Jagadhatri Puja

By Arnab Mitra

Kolkata: In context of the rising intolerant situation in India, where the religious communities are fighting for trifling issues, the Jagadhatri Puja in Chandannagar gives a message of harmony and kinship.

NewsGram visited the Kuthir Math (North) Jagadhatri Puja Committee in Chandannagar (50 km away from Kolkata) on Wednesday, and found both Hindu and Muslim communities celebrating the Jagadhatri Puja with full fervor.

Cultural Secretary Akhtar Hossain said, “It is the tradition of this Jagadhatri Puja and also in every festival, whether it is Eid-ul-fitr or any other. Each one is celebrated with huge passion and dedication. The essence of harmony and inclusiveness that you can find here in Chandannagar, I don’t think you can find anywhere else in the world. ”

“Bengal does not have any relation with the intolerant situation in India. Here the people worship humanity more than religion,” said Chandannagar MLA Ashoke Kumar Sahoo.

“There is no force in the world which can spoil the relation between Hindu, Muslim and other communities. We are united and should be united in the future,” he added.

MLA of Chandannagore Ashoke Kumar Sahoo (centre) and other members of North Kuthir Math Jagadhatri Puja Committee.
Chandannagar MLA Ashoke Kumar Sahoo (centre) and other members of North Kuthir Math Jagadhatri Puja Committee.

Vice-President SK Siraj said, “Jagadhatri Puja does not belong to any community, each and every people of Chandannagar celebrates this puja. The same happens during Eid-ul-fitr or Diwali as well.”

He added that political parties had tried to interfere with their way but the society successfully resisted them. “Political forces have tried to create issues before to separate us, but we still stand united. We will remain in each other’s good times and bad,” said Siraj.

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