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Picture Perfect Living Room Decor Ideas

Make your living room a perfect place

A cosy and comfortable sofa set, a coffee table for tete-a-tete and a perfect TV unit to keep the entertainment mode on, all these indeed make for a picture-perfect living room.

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Heena Jain, Design Consultant from WoodenStreets, shares some fantastic furniture design ideas that can be implemented for a theme-oriented and perfectly-designed living room.

Fabric Sofas Set

A Fabric sofa set can be the limelight in a room thanks to the pop that its fabric colour brings. This gives a deluxe look to the area with hues that can complement the theme of the entire room. You can try out yellows, blues or classy neutral tones such as greys and beiges to set the stage in your living room. And you don’t have to limit yourself to solid colours; there are a plethora of options available when it comes to fabric sofas, including delicate and relaxing prints and English features such as rolling arms and chesterfield button-tuftings.

Minimalist TV Unit To Blend With Every Decor

Choosing the right design of the TV unit is important to maintain the space in the room. This is because heavily crafted furniture can be chaotic in a small area. However, you can pick Industrial TV units that are ideal for a minimalist abode. Being a combination of metal frames with wooden furniture, you can fix it in any size, be it as small as a floor unit, or a big one with two towers at the sides. Industrial options offer a clean, crisp look that goes very well with a fabric-based modern or contemporary decor.

Coffee Table For Complementing The Sofa Set

A coffee table accentuates the centre of a living room to quite an extent especially when you pair it with your sofas. If you’ve gone with fabric sofas, an industrial coffee table, or one with a fusion of materials such as metals and marble tops, can work excellently. Whether you pick a square shape, rectangular shape or round shape, the coffee table and its materials should complement your setup and make you and your guests feel happy.

Living room Decor Ideas for a pitch Perfect Soul
You can place a classy finished and finely structured chest of drawers, either industrial or mid-century in design, against a wall to fill the empty space and bring storage. Flickr

Go Fancy with Chaise Lounges and Lounge Chairs

Think outside the traditional sense when it comes to extra seating. Rather than selecting a 2 or a 1-seater matching sofa, get elegant lounge chairs or chaises to set up with your fabric 3-seater. This unconventional and asymmetrical approach opens your living room to a new facelift without compromising in comfort. You can even fine-tune this setup with a complementing fabric print on the lounge chairs for an exotic feel.

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Consoling the Decor

Having delicate furniture that can enhance a subtle corner with its features and functions is what you need to make any nook extraordinary. Put on a mid-century themed console table against the corner wall for showcasing a distinct taste of your persona in the living room. Over it, you can deck figurines, photo frames, and even a decorative clock to ground the importance of time.

Don’t forget the Storage

This idea is true to the utility of the ambience with its spaciousness. You can place a classy finished and finely structured chest of drawers, either industrial or mid-century in design, against a wall to fill the empty space and bring storage. Two birds, one furniture. (IANS)



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