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New Delhi: Dhabalu Sisa and his wife Samari, a tribal couple from the Odisha, are overwhelmed after they were invited to attend the Republic day function and talk to President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The couple wants to take the opportunity to talk about some serious things to the PM and the President.

Following the invitation, their native villages are in a festive mode. The people of the village are overawed that someone from their remote village got an opportunity. Notably, the village is not well connected with the outside world owing to the primitiveness.

Dhabalu said that during his meeting with the PM, he would try to bring up various issues including lack of roads and other amenities in their area. He said that he had never dreamt of this situation coming. State Chief Naveen Patnaik will also meet the couple on 21 January.

State Chief Naveen Patnaik will also meet the couple on 21 January.

The tribe, still living the life old ways, is unaffected with the arrival of the new technologies.

This is indeed a fine initiative by PM Modi to call tribals and meet him as these people mostly get ignored by the government and it’s developmental.

The lack of communication between the tribal people and the mainstream society led to to trouble in the past.

Through this meeting, the Modi government can encourage other tribes and societies that are left behind to come forward and express their agendas.

Dhabalu and his wife are geared up for the meeting which they aim to utilize for highlighting the problems plaguing their lives. (Inputs from agencies)


Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

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