Saturday March 23, 2019
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PoK newspapers to share information: An initiative for peace


By NewsGram Staff Writer

New Delhi: Around 12 newspapers from both sides of Kashmir will share news and views through the Internet; the decision being one of its kind.

The memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed during a meeting which included 29 journalists and newspaper owners. The news that would be exchanged during this meeting would essentially include apolitical content. The aforesaid meeting had taken place in Islamabad.

“We will have a news pool first for joint use of content. A MoU will be signed later to have regular coverage,” said Shujaat Bukhari, editor of the Srinagar-based Rising Kashmir, as quoted in The Hindu.

Such an interaction is first of its kind, where journalists from both the sides of Kashmir will be interacting on a common ground after a period of 70 years. The arrangement would also result in garnering direct information, said Ejaz Abbasi, president of the PoK-based Kashmir Journalist forum, as quoted in the leading daily.

The PoK government has decided to back the initiative. “We welcome any measure aimed at connecting the divided parts of Jammu and Kashmir,” said PoK Prime Minister Chaudhury Abdul Majid, a leader of the Pakistan People Party, reported in the daily.

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HP Considering India as a Key Focus Area

India is key focus area, 3D printers next big thing

HP India
HP unveils 65-inch gaming display with soundbar at CES 2019. Flickr

India is a very attractive market with high brand recognition for a computer hardware producer like HP, said HP Inc’s President for Asia Pacific and Japan, Tian Chong Ng.

The Asia Pacific region — in which India is a key focus area — has been the fastest growing for HP and provided 16 per cent revenue growth last year.

In Q1 of FY2019 it registered 8 per cent growth year-on-year, said Ng in the course of the HP Reinvent 2019 conference, the company’s largest global partner event.

One reason for that is — India – and also the Asia Pacific region — tick marks on demographics trends which provide clear wins for HP: rapid urbanisation and more millennials are joining the work force.

While HP is very positive on India and recognises its potential, there are no plans yet for setting up a manufacturing base in India. Ng said it already has a manufacturing base in China apart from others in Vietnam, Thailand and Japan.


“There is an existing ecosystem in China and we don’t have plans for setting up a manufacturing base in India, he said.

One focus area is the 3D printer, which offers HP great opportunity. Construction and automotive sectors are the focus areas here. Meanwhile, an MoU has been signed with the Andhra Pradesh government.

“To be successful in India demands that we understand it,” he said.

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HP is also pushing gaming in a big way. However, this has not led to any thinking for manufacturing mobile phones in India, despite the high number of gamers in the country spurred by affordable android phones and cheap data.

“Our strength is the PC business and we offer a whole family of products in that space,” Ng said. (IANS)

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