Tuesday June 25, 2019
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Pooductive: socialise while using toilet

Photo Credit: www.theguardian.com

New York: How do you kill time while using the toilet? Now you can socialise while answering the nature’s call, thanks to a new app.

Photo Credit: www.digitalspy.com
Photo Credit: www.digitalspy.com

Created by two students, Pooductive is a free app that facilitates one-on-one or group chats. You can also choose to message people nearby or be connected with users in other cities or countries, mashable.com reported.

“The fact that there is only little to do whilst tending to ‘number two’ is common knowledge, and truly a first world problem,” the developers wrote on Pooductive’s website.

“Think of it as a magical place where people from around the globe can anonymously meet to enjoy their time of zen, peace and tranquillity together, by conversing, philosophising and sharing ideas with each other,” they said.

“You could simply call it a messaging app if you want to, but it is so much more,” the developers said.

There is a “songs that describe it” feature, which you may find either hilarious or disgusting depending on your sense of humour.

But the developers are serious. They hoped to use the app to have a positive impact on the world — by partnering with charities that promote sanitation and clean water in developing countries.


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Tech Giant Google Putting an End to its Trip Planner Mobile App

The app was first launched in September 2016

Google, smart compose
The Google name is displayed outside the company's office in London, Britain. VOA

Google is putting an end to its trip planner mobile app – Google Trips.

“Support for the Google Trips app will end on August 5. Until then, you’ll still be able to access and email all of your trip reservations and notes as normal,” the company wrote in its support page on Tuesday.

After Google Trips is put to rest, the search engine giant would allow users to find the Google Trips app features in Search and Maps.

“To find personal trips information in Search, such as notes and saved places, you must sign in to your Google Account,” the post said.

Google on an Android device. Pixabay

Users would be able to find things to do at a destination, trip reservations and saved places.

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“Soon, you’ll be able to find your notes from the Google Trips app in your trips at ‘google.com/travel’. You’ll also be able to add or edit notes at the bottom of upcoming and past trips,” the post added.

The app was first launched in September 2016. (IANS)

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