Pope overhauls law annulling marriages

By NewsGram Staff Writer

Vatican City: Pope Francis overhauled the Catholic Church’s process for annulling marriages in an attempt at making the process faster as opposed to the existing system. The new decision calls for the removal of automatic appeals.

Further, the pope has also regulated the practice wherein bishops around the world determine the fundamental law which might have led to the failure of marriage.

Franics’ new document will likely add heat to the debate as three years ago conservatives in Vatican were seeking a more stringent annulment law.

The new law will ensure a complete annulment of the marriage within 45 days. The law will be applicable when both the spouses request an annulment or don’t oppose it or when other proofs make investigations unnecessary.

Moreover, the law also allows the local bishops to take up cases wherein the required the three-judge tribunal isn’t available.

The aim of this refurbished law is to make the process of annulment easier in places wherein there is a lack of manpower to ensure a fully functioning tribunal.


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