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Power-Puff Girls: Asia’s First all-women Food Truck in Bengaluru brings people closer to Good Food

The 7th Sin food truck has been opened for service outside the Bagmane Tech Park on the Outer Ring Road

Bengaluru, September 1, 2016: “Nothing brings people closer than good food”, says Archana Singh, a Bengaluru-based entrepreneur who has started a food truck in the city- run entirely by women. The ‘7th Sin’ food truck is now open and is serving good and tasty food outside the Bagmane Tech Park on the Outer Ring Road since Monday, August 29, this year.

“People were curious to know about the concept and have shown interest from day one,” says Archana to India Today. What’s amazing is that this food truck is Asia’s only all-women food truck and is driven, managed and serviced particularly by women.

The thought of opening a food truck had occurred to her almost two-and-a-half years ago.

With traffic being a pain in the city and travelling a major concern for many, Archana thought “Why not bring good food to the neighbourhood instead”?

Last year, in 2015, she founded her company ‘Seventh Sin Hospitality Services’, named after “the sin of gluttony”. The company which also does events and caters food, started off a bistro for a city-based corporate firm, following the success of which the food truck finally kicked off.

The food truck will serve glocal food – global food with an Indian twist. So the menu, which changes daily, features flavor fusions like chicken tikka pasta, malai veggie risotto, biryani rice rissotto, Indonesian or Srilankan biryanis, quesadilla with chettinad sides, and Indo-Pan Asian rice bowls. 

Currently, there are seven women running the food truck including the chefs, service staffs, driver, CEO Praveena Nandu and Archana herself. Archana’s company has also tied up with a foundation to hire women personnel, some of whom come from underprivileged sections.

“This is a good way of employment. We want to give them another lease of life, to help them earn a living,” Archana says. 

The food truck will operate in different parts of Bengaluru for six days a week, and on every seventh day will distribute free food outside places of worship or in underprivileged areas as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts. Archana says, they have been approached by other tech parks for service to their premises. Further, Archana and her team plan to kick off food trucks in Hyderabad and Chennai next.

– prepared by Shayari Dutta of NewsGram




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