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Process of Culling Birds In And Around Kanpur

The zoo officials have been directed to ensure that the remaining birds are culled

The process of culling birds in and around Kanpur zoo has started after bird flu was confirmed in jungle fowls.

The zoo officials have been directed to ensure that the remaining birds are culled by Sunday evening.

District Magistrate, Alok Tiwari said an area of one kilometer around the Kanpur zoo had been declared a containment zone and the sale of chicken meat and eggs has been banned in an area of 10 kilometers.

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“We have also imposed an indefinite ban on the transportation and entry of poultry products, including live birds, poultry, unprocessed poultry meat in the entire district as a precautionary measure”, the District Magistrate said.

The Kanpur zoo which was earlier shut down for 15 days, has now been closed for an indefinite period.

Culling Birds
It may be recalled that four birds were found dead in the zoo premises on January 6. Unsplash

A zoo official, who did not wish to be named, said that culling birds was painfulness but could not be avoided if the spread of the virus is to be checked.

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It may be recalled that four birds were found dead in the zoo premises on January 6 and the samples were sent to the Animal Disease Laboratory in Bhopal under high security. The reports, on Saturday, confirmed the presence of H-5 strain bird flu in the dead jungle fowls.

Meanwhile, Additional District Magistrate (city), Atul Kumar, said section 144 of CrPC has been imposed to curb the further spread of bird-flu.

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“We have also issued an advisory to keep a strict watch for unusual sickness or mortality in poultry birds and wild or migratory birds.” the ADM said. (IANS)



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