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Rail Neer racket: Three accused remanded in judicial custody


New Delhi: A special court here on Friday sent to 14 days’ judicial custody two railways officials and a businessman, arrested in connection with the supply of inferior-quality packaged drinking water in premium trains.

Central Bureau of Investigation Special Judge Vinod Kumar remanded railways officers Sandeep Silas and MS Chalia and businessman Sharan Bihari Agarwal to judicial custody after police said they were not required for further custodial interrogation.

They were presented in the court after the expiry of their five-day police custody.

The CBI arrested the trio on Saturday.

Sandeep Silas is a 1984-batch Indian Railway Traffic Service officer. Chalia, the second railways officer, came under the CBI scanner due to the alleged involvement of his son’s company in the scam.

The CBI suspected that the private catering companies could have paid illegal remittances to the accused officer through a company run by his son for favours shown to them for the supply of inferior packaged drinking water on premium trains.

On Friday, the CBI registered a case against Chalia, Silas and seven private companies – RK Associates Pvt Ltd, Satyam Caterers Pvt Ltd, Ambuj Hotel and Real Estate, PK Associates Pvt Ltd, Sunsine Pvt Ltd, Brandavan Food Product and Food World – under the provisions of Prevention of Corruption Act.


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Arrest of Dr. Kafeel Khan on Eid: This is how Fanatics at Twitterati reacted to it

Should an accused not be arrested just because it happens to be a festival day?

Eid is a muslim festival on which Dr. Kafeel Khan was arrested
Eid is a muslim festival on which Dr. Kafeel Khan was arrested. Wikimedia
  • The intermingling of Crime and Religion occurred  when a doctor named Dr. Kafeel Khan was arrested on grounds of medical negligence in Gorakhpur Tragedy
  • It is not wrong to arrest an alleged criminal on a festival
  • Some people are making Dr. Kafeel Khan’s arrest a communal act

New Delhi, September 4, 2017: Crime and Religion are separate entities altogether but sometimes people blur the lines between the two in order to save an alleged criminal giving religion as an excuse. We should not support a criminal or an alleged criminal even if he belongs to our religion as by doing that we are creating an unsafe environment for others, it can lead to communal violence, it’s wrong from humanitarian perspective, a criminal can do no good for the society (and also for the people belonging to the same religion as him).

There have been many cases in the past where people of India tried to save a criminal because of him being a Godmen (who can’t do anything wrong) like Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, Asaram Bapu, Paramahamsa Nithyananda many others. What connects these self-appointed leaders of religion is that their blind followers tried to defend them in spite of them being proved criminals. Such is the case with Indians and Religion that they try to defend criminals in the name of religion.

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The intermingling of Crime and Religion occurred again when a doctor named Dr. Kafeel Ahmed Khan was arrested on grounds of medical negligence in Gorakhpur Tragedy. Whats the catch here? Why will people support an alleged criminal? Why will people speak against an alleged criminal getting arrested? We have the answer, it’s because Dr. Kafeel Khan is a Muslim man and was arrested on the day of Eid which according to the world of twitter is wrong.  Read the tweets below to find out the explanation given by people on why he should not be arrested on Eid:

An alleged  Criminal is an offender in eyes of law, the police can decide on what day he/she should be arrested and a festival falling on that day shouldn’t change the date of arrest. It is not wrong to arrest an alleged criminal on a festival. Should an accused not get arrested just because of a religious festivity?

Some people are making the arrest of Dr. Kafeel Khan a communal act. He was not arrested for being a Muslim, he was arrested for alleged acts of omissions and commissions as an administrator in the hospital in Gorakhpur where several children died allegedly due to lack of oxygen.

Muslim supporters of the doctor are playing the victim card and there are some people who agree on this.

In 2009, Dr. Kafeel Khan was accused of impersonating someone in the National Board Exam for medical registration.The Doctor was arrested due to rape allegations in 2015 but after the police investigation, he was proved innocent and was thus released.  All these past charges were brought into highlight by the social media.

The media hailed the doctor as a hero based on Dr. Kafeel Khan’s statement that he shelved money from his pocket to buy oxygen cylinders on 10th August. But we don’t know if what he said is true or he just said that to escape punishment. The social media played a big role in exposing the past charges.

We can smell hypocrisy here.

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But there are some people who know why intermixing of Crime and Religion is a harmful practice. An alleged criminal was arrested for the crime he did and not because of his religion. It’s shameful that people are defending him, saying it is wrong to arrest a Muslim man on Eid.There are 365 days in a year and on many days various festivals of Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christians fall. By this logic, the police should not arrest alleged criminals on the day their prime festival falls which is impossible. This shows a reserved mindset of people who live in the 21st century and still mix religion with the crime. We should not support criminals or alleged criminals even if we share a common religion as ‘Criminals have no religion’.

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Youth allegedly beheads his mother with a sword in West Bengal to please Goddess Kali

A person dressed as Goddess Kali (representational Image), VOA

Kolkata, April 9, 2017: A youth allegedly beheaded his mother with a sword apparently in an attempt to please goddess Kali in Purulia district of West Bengal, police said on Sunday.

Narayan Mahato (28), a resident of Bamu village in Murshidabad district’s Barabazar area, allegedly killed his mother Phuli Mahato with a sword on Friday evening, Susanta Kumar Chatterjee, officer in-charge of Barabazar police station said.

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Police arrested the accused following a complaint lodged by his elder brother.

Police said the accused, who was deeply involved in worship and other religious practices, confessed to having committed the crime but spoke incoherently during interrogation.

“His statements were incoherent during interrogation. It is not clear why he committed the crime. He had some grudge against his mother for not getting him married and also said he was forced to choose between two mothers; one his own and the other goddess Kali,” the officer said.

The accused is charged with murder and has been remanded to 14 days judicial custody.

“We are trying to find out the real motive behind his crime,” the officer added. (IANS)

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Quran desecration case: Key Accused Rajendra Kumar names AAP MLA in the controversy

The police claimed that Kumar admitted he “hated Pakistan and Muslims” and wanted to exact “revenge for the Dinanagar and Pathankot terrorist attacks”

Image Source:
  • Torn pages of the Quran were found on June 24 near Jarg Chowk
  • More than 250 people were booked in Malerkotla  on June 25
  • Vijay Kumar told officials he was offered Rs 1 crore by Yadav for desecrating the holy book

Aam Aadmi Party legislator Naresh Yadav has been booked by the Sangur police after the alleged orchestrator Vijay Kumar named him in the June 24 incident that led violence in Muslim-dominated Malerkotla located in Punjab’s Sangrur district.

Torn pages of the Quran were found on June 24 near Jarg Chowk. When people who had gone to report the incident to MLA Farzana Alam late in the evening were turned away, the 300-strong mob turned violent and burnt vehicles, damaging the property of the MLA. Consequently,more than 250 people were booked in Malerkotla on June 25.

Kumar and the zonal secretary of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) in Pathankot Nand Kishore Goldy and his son, Gaurav, were arrested later and have confessed to the crime.

The police claimed that Kumar admitted he “hated Pakistan and Muslims” and wanted to exact “revenge for the Dinanagar and Pathankot terrorist attacks”, says the report.

The officials have also revealed that Kumar has alleged that he was offered Rs one crore by Yadav for desecrating the holy book.

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According to Sangrur Senior Superintendent of Police Pritpal Singh Thind, Kumar had claimed the plan was to create communal tension and hostile feelings towards the state government and instigate people on communal lines so that they vent their anger against SAD-BJP [Shiromani Akali Dal-Bharatiya Janata Party] and Congress and vote for AAP in next polls, says that report.

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Yadav has claimed the allegation are baseless and that he does not know Kumar. Sanjay Singh, the AAP national spokesperson said that the SAD-BJP government in Punjab had gone out of their minds and will get what they reap in the coming polls.

The Bharatiya Janata Party went a step forward on Monday, July 4, staging a protest against Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and alleged that he is the “mastermind” behind the Quran desecration case in Punjab.

-This report is compiled by a Staff-writer at NewsGram.


3 responses to “Quran desecration case: Key Accused Rajendra Kumar names AAP MLA in the controversy”

  1. Being a member of political party, one cannot disrespect a religion or a religious book. He should be charged strictly.

  2. The blame games starts yet again. There is no transparency and no truth in what the political parties say.

  3. Politics and religion should never be mixed. This causes a chaos in the government and the society