Railways to install water vending machines

New Delhi: Indian Railways is planning to install water vending machines (WVMs) at stations across the country to make inexpensive potable drinking water available for passengers, it was announced on Thursday.

The railways ministry said it has formulated a comprehensive uniform policy to arrange pure drinking water available at a selling price lower than the currently available commercial packaged drinking water.

WVMs will dispense purified water applying Reverse Osmosis (RO) or alternate superior technology at a selling price of Rs.2 with containers for 300 ml and Rs.25 for a five litre bottle.

Refills without containers are priced a little lower at Re.1 for 300 ml, Rs.3 for 500 ml, Rs.5 for one litre, Rs.8 for two litres and Rs.20 for five litres, the ministry said in a statement. (IANS)