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Ram Kapoor Remarks That An Actor Is Never Totally Satisfied

Ram will soon be seen as the host of Sony Entertainment Television's show "Zindagi Ke Crossroads"

ram kapoor
The actor has played lead roles in shows like "Bade Achhe Lagte Hain" and "Kasamh Se"

“An actor is never really totally satisfied. He always wants more. So that is there in me. I always want to keep growing and doing more work…. But I fully understand how lucky I am because I know how hard it is to make a career in show business,” Ram told the media here.

“I know there are many people who come to Mumbai. They try and don’t succeed. I think the success rate is about two per cent. So I know that I am very lucky that I have had such a long career but I don’t think I will ever be satisfied,” added the actor, who has completed almost 20 years in the industry.

Would he want his and wife Gautami Kapoor’s two children to follow in their footsteps?

“If they want to. They have told us that they also want to try (their hand at acting) but they are children. We don’t know if they are serious or not. So both me and my wife have told them that ‘Look, we both first finished our education then we entered showbiz’.

“So they have to finish their education. After that, if they are really serious about this, we will not stop them.”

He believes that every actor has to have a lot of successes and failures.

“Failures teach you a lot about yourself. So I embrace them,” he said.

ram kapoor
Ram will soon be seen as the host of Sony Entertainment Television’s show “Zindagi Ke Crossroads”. Wikimedia

Ram will soon be seen as the host of Sony Entertainment Television’s show “Zindagi Ke Crossroads”. It will present a new narrative in every episode and the crossroads faced by the protagonists will be open for discussion to a unique set of studio audience.

He will also feature in “Loveratri”, backed by superstar Salman Khan.

“We had a great time in London but the shoot is not over. We still have about a month or month and a half left,” he said.

The actor has played lead roles in shows like “Bade Achhe Lagte Hain” and “Kasamh Se”. But on the big screen, he is yet to be seen in a lead role.

“In my mind, there has never been a difference in the medium or the role. Whether it is television or film, lead or character role, I like being a part of the story. In that story, if it’s a lead or supporting character, it does not matter as long as I can relate to the character.

“Also, very few people like Ronit Roy and myself who made it to television, got a chance to have a film career as well. So, I consider lucky to be able to step into both the worlds.”

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 In the last few months, Ram also worked hard to lose weight.

“I just wanted to be healthier,” he said.

Ever faced rejection due to his weight?

“No,” he responded. (IANS)

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Film: “A Fantastic Woman” (Spanish, with English Subtitles, based on a transgender woman); Director: Sebastian Lelio; Starring: Daniela Vega; Rating: 1/2 (2 and a half stars)

“A Fantastic Woman” could have been penetrating portrait of a transgender woman’s struggle for dignity after her middle-aged lover suddenly dies on her.

Marina (played with consummate sensitivity by Daniela Vega) never quite recovers from the traumatic shock. Neither does the film. It quickly goes downhill from the point of tragedy, building what looks like a shell-shocked narrative in-sync with the stupor that falls over Daniela’s soul after Orlando (Francisco Reyes) passes away.

The ensuing trauma of a ‘woman’ who is unacceptable to society for her gender and status in the life of the man she loved, is brought out like a dentist extracting rotten teeth. It is a graceless situation.And director Sebastian Lelio goes with the frown, rendering every crease in Daniela’s disheveled existence in shades of black and fright.

Daniela Vega
Spanish makes the dialogue-heavy sequences, makes it seem unnecessarily stretched-out and verbose. Flickr

Daniela’s dilemma is so in-your-face, it hardly needed to be affirmed so strongly by the narrative. Her humiliation is shown in scenes in the hospital and at the police station. And we know what happens to the mistress specially when she is gender-challenged. But Marina’s behaviour post the tragedy eschews empathy. She frets, fumes, snarls and at one point even jumps on to the car of her deceased lover’s family to bounce up and down.

By this point the edgy narrative begins to look uneasily unfocused.

Perhaps Marina’s unconventional methods of protest are a cultural things. Maybe in Chile, the conventions of bereavement are played out at a pitch that seems fairly bizarre to us. Also, the fact that the film is in Spanish makes the dialogue-heavy sequences, such as the one where Marina is confronted by Orlando’s wife in a car basement, seems unnecessarily stretched-out and verbose.

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“A Fantastic Woman” fails to carry us along in its protagonist’s tough journey from bereavement to isolation to confrontation to settlement. Marina can’t wait to get out of it.

Neither can we. (IANS)