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Ravi Shankar criticizes Communists for calling industrialists ‘exploiters’


New Delhi: On Sunday, communists were blamed by spiritual guru Ravi Shankar for labelling businessmen as exploiters. Instead of seeing the other side of the industrialists, the one who creates jobs for thousands, the communists labelled them as exploiters.

“In fact, this has been engraved into the psyche of West Bengal and Kerala,” Ravi Shankar said at an event organised by the Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

He blamed the Communists for driving away industrialists and causing strikes.

“A businessman takes crores of rupees as loans to sustain an industry and creates jobs. Instead of looking at that, they (Communists) make him feel ashamed and embarrassed to the extent that he has to run away,” said Ravi Shankar.

“Not only that, every now and then there is a strike. Why? Because the guy is an industrialist, hence an exploiter,” he said.

Asserting that the psyche against industrialists was far from the truth, the spiritual leader called upon the industry and the government to work together for the development of the society.

“This psyche is far from the truth. We need to turn this around and that can happen only when the media, faith-based organisations, the industry and the government work together,” he added. (IANS)

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JNU Ideologues are Spewing hate in the name of Dissent and nurturing Anti-India ideologies

JNU has become den for left politics. VOA
  • By Amit Srivastava

Sep 16, 2017: With the help of media propaganda and public opinion manufacturers, JNU has become an epitome of left politics – Viciously nurturing the anti-India ideologies and placing them into state establishment through their sympathizers.

They hate a lot of things that are Indian or having Indian identities. Their perpetual anathema is cleverly placed with covert name of ‘dissent’. It would be interesting to know, how they instill a failed and violent ideology like Marxism through inroads of hate.

Before 93rd amendment for OBC quota in higher education, JNU had very progressive admission policy with weightage number for backward districts, castes and also for women. Though these deprivation points still exist, but since half of admission is done on caste lines, these points are less relevant now. Owing to its admission policy and standard entrance exam, JNU has been providing excellent higher education opportunity for the students from remote rural areas at par with metro educated students.

Ironically, left parties with help of communist faculty members also exploit this opportunity as they get fresh cadres who could easily get disconnected caused by the language difficulties, cultural shock and administrative difficulties. A person with deeply rooted Indian value system won’t accept valueless violent ideology of Marx. Brainwashing such person is not easy. Hence the process of indoctrination begins with very first day of admission at JNU.

Earlier, admission process in JNU was cumbersome and lengthy. Comrades used to catch new comers in the name of admission assistance. Now, this opportunity is lost as there is single window admission process is adopted by JNU administration. Another step to trap the new comers is artificial scarcity of hostel. You are on their mercy of ‘these seniors’ who offer you to stay with them. And sometimes 6-7 students stay in 10-by-15 hostel rooms. More freshers in one comrade’s room means more problem, hence more opportunity to brainwash them.

First stage of abomination start with inciting new-comers to hate individuals including hating own self. This hate is designed to suit the social conflict theory of communism. If you are a general category student, you must hate yourself for being born in ‘upper caste’ and must accept it wholeheartedly than only you would be ‘ready’ to abuse political opponents on caste line.

If you are from OBC-SC-ST and Minority, you must hate those ‘upper caste’ guys living with you in the same campus, no matter they’re even poorer or more deprived than you. Irrespective of rationality and humanity, you must hate them; because they’re born in bourgeoisie castes, and you should assume yourself as proletariat, even if you are richer and dominate than most of them. This hate is mandatory. Selective crimes are extrapolated to justify it. Incidents like Khailanji, where Dalits were burned alive, are used to consolidate this hate. But details of culprits are purposefully hidden and ignored as they don’t belong to ‘general caste’ and this may derail the hate direction.

Minority students have to hate Hindu co-students as per the conditioning of the leftist mentors. Hindus are blamed for their all problems. OBC-SC-STs are encouraged to hate Hinduism too. If there are complacent with it, they’re encouraged to shun Hinduism and accept more exploitative Islam, Christianity or atheism. At same time, Muslims and Christians students are encouraged to be more religious and fanatic for their respective faith. This is why JNU communists encourage Islamic or Christian festivals but gets reprimanded if students celebrate Hindu festivals in the campus.

This abhorrence has another intense level of inculcation. Female students from remotely rural areas are too attached with their families. Girls won’t be a good ‘recruiting’, ‘facilitating’ and a devoted comrade, until they respect family system and existing social ethics of the society. Hence, they’re taught that they’re the master of their own body. Their vagina belongs to them and their father has no right to say with whom they shall sleep. This typical teaching is very crucial and preached through woman comrades in very delicate ways by living with them, fanaticizing with them with instilling a false sense of empowerment and freedom among them… only to sexually exploit them for own leaders or an allurement for the new recruits.

JNU’s left ideologues are not limited to a close campus. Congress governments have been giving them important posts in order to devise new divide-and-rule policies. After debacle of 2014, these master-less Maoists of JNU are left with no one to support. Their political existence was long gone.  Post General Elections 2014, they engineered several caste-riots, devouring state-funding and abusing the same state. Unfortunately, they failed into it too.

Within JNU, they opened another sister concern named ‘BAPSA’ – an organization that not only abuse Hinduism on daily basis, but also abuse the students who belong to Brahmin or ‘Savarn’ castes. The right to live with dignity for these ‘savarn caste’ students is violated by BAPSA and left-relict in name of Social Justice. Ironically, JNU administration allows such caste abuses in name of sociological studies. Much grave violation of thousands of students’ fundamental right to live with dignity is violated every day.

However, these avant-garde social terrorists still think that they can potentially harm the ruling BJP party by taking Bhimrao Ambedkar’s name. Now a days, Student wing of Naxalites, DSU used ‘Jai Bhim’ along with ‘Lal Salam’ in order to immunize itself from the responsibility of offending content it circulate within JNU campus. It is high time for Ministry of Human Resource Development and JNU administration to stop the violation of personal dignity of students. We must not allow the abuses and exploitations just for the sake of intellectual pleasure and useless showoff of tiny campus victory.

Amit can be reached at Twitter @amisri

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Remembering Ustad Allah Rakha: Music Concert in Pune to celebrate Maestro’s 97th Birth Anniversary

'Drums of India' will feature all the genres of music from classical to folk, and from Carnatic music to jazz

Zakir Hussain and Ustad Allah Rakha in jugalbandi. Image Source: YouTube.com
  • With the concert, Qureshi aims to give drummers a platform and endeavours to bring the talent from across the country under one roof
  • He also believes that the presence of such a diverse platform reflects the diversity of musicians and the forms of music the country boasts of
  • Ustad Allah Rakha Qureshi, famously known as Allah Rakha was a legendary tabla maestro

In a bid to commemorate the 97th birth anniversary of  Ustad Allah Rakha Khansaheb, his son, and disciple, Fazal Qureshi, is all set to organize a percussion concert ‘Drums of India – The Journey Continues’ at Annabhau Sathe Auditorium, in Pune on July 13 from 7 pm.

With the concert, Qureshi aims to give drummers a platform and endeavours to bring the talent from across the country under one roof.

Talking about the event, he said, “The idea is to bind the drum style of India through rhythm.”

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What makes this concert stand out is its unique concept. ‘Drums of India’ will feature all the genres of music from classical to folk, and from Carnatic music to jazz. It has also welcomed various forms of fusion, which will be presented together with percussion instruments.

Ustad Allah Rakha. Image Source: onemusic.tv
Ustad Allah Rakha. Image Source: onemusic.tv

Talking about the show Qureshi pointed out, “This will also be an opportunity for the younger generation of musicians to carry forward the legacy. Of them, many are those who are continuing their musical tradition like the dholki player Vijay Chavan who is the son of renowned singer Sulochana Chavan. So in a way, he’s carrying forward his own heritage and culture.”

He also believes that the presence of such a diverse platform reflects the diversity of musicians and the forms of music the country boasts of.

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Speaking to The Indian Express, he reiterated, “Musicians from all around the country are coming together, some of their instruments may have whatsoever no connection with each other, like the khadtal and the mridangam, but will still come together as one, just like India.”

Qureshi has been organizing such events from the last six years in Mumbai, Delhi and Ahmedabad. While it is the first time he is geared up to organize the concert in Pune, he hopes to put together these shows in other parts of the country as well.

Ustad Allah Rakha Qureshi, famously known as Allah Rakha was a legendary tabla maestro, who frequently accompanied sitar player Ravi Shankar for most of the shows.

-prepared by Bulbul Sarma, a staff-writer at NewsGram.