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Relief for A.R. Reddy; Gets bail in cash-for-vote case


Hyderabad: The Hyderabad High Court on Tuesday granted bail to TDP MLA A. Revanth Reddy in the cash-for-vote case.

The court also ordered the release of two other accused, Sebastian Harry and Uday Simha, on bail.

Justice Raja Elango, who had reserved his order last week, pronounced it on Tuesday.

The accused were directed to surrender their passports, not to leave the city and to appear before the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) whenever summoned.

The ACB had arrested, Revanth Reddy, the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) deputy leader in the Telangana assembly, on May 31 while he was handing over a bribe of Rs.50 lakh to nominated MLA Elvis Stephenson to induce him to vote for the TDP-BJP candidate in the Telangana legislative council elections.

The TDP leader was arrested last month by ACB.
The TDP leader was arrested last month by ACB.

Revanth’s two aides were also arrested by ACB in a trap laid on the basis of a complaint lodged by Stephenson.

A court dealing with ACB cases on Monday extended judicial custody of the accused till July 13.


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Anti-Corruption Bureau Arrests two Port Trust Officials for taking a Bribe of Rs 2.9 Lakh, finds the Whole Amount is in New Rs 2000 notes

Gujarat’s two port trust officials have been arrested for accepting a bribe of Rs. 2.5 lakh and astonishingly, the whole amount was in new Rs. 2,000 notes, that was launched on November 11

New Rs 2000 note. Yahoo

Ahmedabad, November 17, 2016: As India struggles with the aftermath of the currency ban, a move by to fight against black money, Gujarat’s two port trust officials have been arrested for accepting a bribe of Rs. 2.5 lakh and astonishingly, the whole amount was in new Rs. 2,000 notes, that was launched on November 11, reported NDTV

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According to the report, a middleman for the two officials accepted Rs 2.5 lakh from the firm, which was a part of the bribe amount on November 15.

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Since the currency ban, strict cash rationing is being carried out, which means the maximum amount an individual can withdraw in a week from a single bank account is Rs. 24,000.

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“Superintending Engineer P Srivivasu and Sub Divisional officer K Komtekar of the Kandla Port Trust had sought a bribe of Rs. 4.4 lakh for clearing the pending bills of a private electrical firm,” said officials of Gujarat’s Anti-Corruption Bureau.

Later, another Rs. 40,000 was also recovered from the home of one of them.
According to the report, officials said that he had confessed that he received the money earlier, which was the balance of the deal. The Anti-Corruption Bureau officials are now investigating how the new currency notes had been obtained.

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Currency ban has been largely praised by the common man, despite the inconveniences only because the initiative is to flush out black money and also to end terror funding through counterfeit notes.

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‘Students have key role in corruption-free India’


Khammam: The youth has a key role in creating a corrupt-free India and ushering in development, apart from excelling in their studies, said District Superintendent of Police Shahnawaz Qasim, at an awareness programme held by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) on Thursday.

The ACB, along with police department officials held a rally from Ricca Bazaar High school to Zilla Parishad Centre in the capital. This was done as a move towards creating awareness on corruption during the Anti-Corruption Week. The International Anti-Corruption Day falls on December 9.

An awareness programme was conducted with students from Ricca Bazaar High School by the ACB department on the working of the ACB in school premises.

The chief guest, SP Qasim, asked students to take the knowledge derived from their school education and use it to turn themselves into model citizens who can make the country a better place.

“The students must start questioning from now onward on corruption. If everyone values and follows morals in their life, then it is easy to build a corruption-free India. Everyone must fight against corruption for the development to take place in India. Developing the technical skills by using internet, youth must fight against corruption,” explained Qasim.

Along with the Ricca Bazaar High School Principal Srinivas, present there were Additional Superintendent of Police Sai Krishna, DSP Suresh Kumar, DSP of Special Branch Ashok Kumar, and other ACB officials.

One response to “‘Students have key role in corruption-free India’”

  1. How to conquer
    Corruption ?

    There is only one sure – and superfast – way to get rid
    of corruption

    By introducing :


    behind bars ( – and right away ; not after 6 years ) , every corrupt fellow and

    confiscating his ill-gotten wealth


    By abolishing
    Personal Income Tax and introducing Amnesty Scheme , incentivize

    # converting of black money into white

    # acceptance
    of all payments thru official channels

    As far as providing ” Negative Motivation ”
    is concerned , I had sent following suggestion to our Hon Prime Minister /
    Finance Minister / other Ministers / Secretaries etc , on 4th Nov 2015 :

    OF THINGS ( IoT )

    As each currency note of Rs 500 / 1000
    , is getting printed , embed it with microscopic

    RFID chips ( with this , current cost
    of a RFID chip will fall from 50 paise to 5 paise )

    Besides communicating with each other ,
    these chips will also transmit their existence

    location , through internet , to
    cloud-based servers of Income Tax Department

    This will form a ” NETWORK

    You may like to call this Internet of
    Currency ( IoC ) , a sub-set of IoT !

    SYSTEM ( IP V 6.0 )

    Each Rs 500 / 1000 currency note must
    be assigned ( at the time of printing ) , its own

    unique Internet Address , using IP V

    This IP address should be linked with
    the unique Serial Number printed on each note.

    Since IP V 6.0 , will be capable of
    assigning ” 2 * 10 to the power of 128 “, no of IP

    addresses , there is no danger of
    running out of addresses , even if we decide to extend

    this idea to Rs 100 currency notes !

    Here are the most important BYE – PRODUCTs :

    * No more possibility of fake / forged / counterfeit
    , currency notes

    * No thief would ever
    want to steal such currency notes which continuously announce their


    * No one would want to
    make any ” Cash Deal ” . All payments will become official only !

    * Plastic currency notes will last 10 times longer !

    This reform will enable the Central Government / Income Tax
    Department , to :

    * Continuously trace the movement of each of
    these higher denomination currency notes

    * Instantly locate any place ( using Google
    Map based GPS ) , where there is an

    accumulation of more than Rs 1 Crore
    worth of currency notes

    Such accumulation will be made to
    appear as a TAG CLOUD on the web site of IT Dept,

    like thousands of balloons floating on
    a map of India , capable of being drilled down to

    within 1 Sq Meter ! Of course ,
    visible only to IT officers ; not to general public !

    On each balloon , will appear a number
    announcing , ” Amount of Cash here – Rs ” !

    This will vastly simplify the task of
    Anti Corruption Dept / Enforcement Dept etc

    Of course , RBI will need to allow 6 month’s time to the owners
    of current paper currency notes of Rs 500 / 1000 , to get these exchanged with
    new plastic notes before withdrawal of the old notes from circulation

    Implementation of this suggestion , does NOT require passing of
    any BILL in Lok Sabha or being held to ransom in Rajya Sabha !

    And it can be implemented in India , within ONE YEAR

    But if Chinese President Xi Jinping comes to know about the
    practicality of this suggestion , he might implement it in 6 months !

    How come ?

    Simple ! Xi Jinping has
    the political will ! And no historical
    baggage !


    hemen parekh

    22 Dec 2015


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Handover Delhi Police, ACB to us: Kejriwal tells Modi


New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to handover Delhi Police and Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) to the AAP government, citing a survey which termed the city police “most corrupt”.

The chief minister said his government would “set things right in one year”.

“Modi Ji, do not be stubborn, work with us and handover ACB and Delhi Police to us. We will set things right in one year,” the Aam Aadmi Party convener tweeted.

Citing the survey done by the CMS-India Corruption Study (CMS-ICS), Kejriwal said: “Shocking findings CMS survey today-Delhi police (under Modiji and his LG) most corrupt. Scathing attack on Modiji’s capabilities and intentions”.

The graph of corruption in the national capital has reduced under the AAP government, Kejriwal said.

“Second finding – corruption has come down in Delhi government – it proves (the) AAP government’s neeyat (intention) and administration capability.”

The statement comes after a toddler and a five-year-old child were raped in two separate incidents here.