ॐ सकलमर्ब्रह्मार्पणभूम्यै नमः (Brahman: That one is big or great; Arpaṇam: Offering, oblation, a gift; Sakalam: Everything)
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Representative Image.Devakinanda Pasupuleti

By: Devakinanda Pasupuleti

All of nature is wealth. Providing light to us in the form of the Sun and the Moon; in the form of the life force in humans and our senses to let us see and understand the world; all is Parabrahman only. He is everything and everything is him. Similarly for those who seek atmatattvam (Brahma vidya), he is the Ādi Guru (original teacher) and he is that jnānam (knowledge).

Parabrahman created the five fundamental elements and with their combination, 8.4 million species. He provided everything to us without being asked. From birth till death, He maintains our wonderful physical bodies and the necessary materials for us to use and enjoy. Beautiful natural scenery for your eyes to enjoy; music to your ears with the water falls, ocean roars and chirping sounds of birds; sweetest fruit juices for your taste; sweet fragrances to smell from the flowers; and cool breezes for your skin to enjoy are all created by Him.

He gave us five senses to enjoy the world. Open your eyes and you see his creation; close your eyes and look within yourself and you see God. The real blind person is the one who doesn't see the beauty of nature and the real deaf person is one who doesn't hear the glory of Bhagavān (God).

If somebody does us a small favor, we thank them a million times and show our gratitude. If that is the case, how can you not thank the one who gave us life, water to drink, air to breathe, all without advertising himself or having a patent on everything he has provided? How can you not show gratitude towards his generosity? Many scientists, scholars and pundits claim everything is accidental. I have specialized in medicine, studied every religion we have on the earth in depth and studied physics, astrophysics and quantum mechanics, TOE (Theory of Everything). And the more I read and the more I understand, I realize and appreciate the generosity of God.

That's why our sages taught us and showed us how to be thankful to God (Parabrahman) from dawn to dusk. Thanking Him for giving us this wonderful body, which is a means to liberation. In the Bhagavadgīta, Bhagavān Sri Krishna said "Whatever you offer to me with devotion, a leaf, fruit, flower or water, I gladly accept that". How beautiful his advice is.

The nation which offers everything to Bhagavān before using with gratitude, it is our land 'Sakalambrahmārpaṇa Bhūmi'.

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