Reward of Rs. 10 lakh announced by Muslim organisation for beheading Tarek Fatah

According to a number of Muslim organisations, Tarek Fatah has been promoting "un-islamic" views in his TV program 'Fateh ki Fatwa'

Tarek Fatah, quora

Bareilly, March 11, 2017:  A Muslim organisation based in Bareilly has declared a “reward” of Rs 10 lakh to behead Islamic scholar Tarek Fatah for allegedly promoting “un-Islamic” opinions with his TV program.

An immediate ban on ‘Fateh ka Fatwa’, a  television program hosted by Fatah on a private news channel,was also demanded by the All-India Faisan-e-Madina Council.

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According to Moeen Siddique, head of the council, “Tarek Fatah is conspiring to disrupt harmony between Hindus and Muslims. He is as an agent of our enemies. He must be stopped at any cost and our organisation will pay Rs 10,00,786 to any person who will decapitate him.He and his program are being funded by foreign enemies of our country and the government must initiate an inquiry against him.”

Fateh, who is a Canadian national of Pakistani origin, is a well known figure due to his secular views against Islamic fundamentalism.

Siddique feels offended by his claim in his program that wearing a burqa is not required and triple talaq should be termed as ‘haram’. “Muslims must not listen to his advice and come forward against him,” Siddique said.

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Other Muslim social organisations too have  expressed their resentment against Fatah and his views.

Jamat Raza-e-Mustafa, another social organisation that works under the aegis of Dargah-e Ala Hazrat, has written a letter to the President Pranab Mukherjee where it has demanded a ban on Fatah’s television event and his expulsion from the country.

according to the letter sent to the President by the convenor of the Jamat Raza-e-Mustafa, Nasir Qureshi,  “Fatwa is a religious edict, which can only be issued by a recognised Muslim cleric. Fateh is neither a cleric nor he has any knowledge about Quran. His program has hurt the sentiments of the followers of Islam.”

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Both the organisations have also demanded an immediate ban on the private news channel that airs the controversial program.

-prepared by Durba Mandal of NewsGram. Twitter: @dubumerang