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Runwal Greens: Luxury builders or unethical extortionists?


Mumbai: Customers of Runwal Greens, Mulund, have started an online petition highlighting their grievances against the builder Runwal brothers. The customers have alleged the builders of extorting money and delaying final handover of the flats.

Dr. KS Vasu Rao, a Paediatric Orthopaedician working in Oman, and one of the clients of Runwal Greens, has shared with NewsGram, details of the matter.

The luxurious Runwal Greens project was launched in 2010, consisting of 8 towers with more than 200 flats each. Many buyers had booked the under- construction flats and were promised possession by the end of 2013.

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A one sided agreement favoring the builder was forced upon the buyers with changed possession date of 2015 (varies from agreement to agreement). Buyers had already paid 97% of the flat cost as per the demands made by the builder by 2014. Instead of giving the possession in mid 2015, a fresh demand for extra charges against fungible FSI (Floor Space Index) was made, along with the demand payment of the remaining 3% at the behest of permission to carry out fit-out works.

Customers are alleging that the builder is:

1) Demanding extra money against FSI when there was no change made to the structure or to the flat plan. Moreover the flat cost was calculated on the super built up area and not the carpet area. The customers were even charged for the car parking area, which is against the law.

2) Delaying the handing over of the flats for customer possession and citing the delays to be due to MCGM delays.

3) Asking the buyers to payoff the final 3% amount which is due on receipt of OC even before the application for the OC is made by the builder.

4) Demanding for the club charges to be paid, though luxurious amenities promised are nowhere to be seen.

Many customers have now taken to social media to express their anguish and are urging the state government to take action against the builders. Here are some of the tweets of the angry customers:

NewsGram view: Unscrupulous and unethical builders have become a menace in Indian urban centers. In extreme cases, they even build apartments on illegal lands, without proper permissions, using improper building materials, and extort exorbitant money from the common people in the name of providing luxury apartments. The state governments must implement a mechanism by which people’s grievances are immediately addressed and strict actions are taken against unethical builders. Rule of law must prevail.

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  • Tushar Hande

    What do you think Runwal is? Options: 1) Fraud 2) Extortionist 3) Goon 4) Thief 5) All of the above?
    My answer is option 5. What is your answer?

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Virtual reality is being used for training and safety measures. Instead of doing training onsite, virtual reality can be used ahead of time to better prepare workers for the dangers of a certain area. This helps save time and money, letting people take care of this before arriving to work.