Sarnath to promote green mode of transportation



By NewsGram Staff Writer

Sarnath, which attracts thousands of tourists, will now have its first ever, 1800 metres long and 2.50 metres wide, cycle track, expected to be developed between Ashapur Crossing and Sarnath Museum. This project is a part of the UP government’s ‘Clean UP-Green UP’ programme wherein to promote a healthy mode of transport cycle tracks will be built in cities all across the state.

As reported by TOI, the regional tourism officials believe that development of cycle tracks will not only promote green mode of transport, sustainable living, health and environmental sensitivity but will also give an augment to tourism as the tourists will have an opportunity to enjoy beauty and tranquility of the city.

Ravindra Mishra, regional tourist officer told TOI, “Most of the tourists, domestic as well as foreigners, visit Sarnath, one of the most revered place for Buddhists and also, one of the key tourism sites. The consideration of making a cycle track from Ashapur Crossing to Sarnath Museum route is great as a lot of tourists take this route”.

“The tender process has already started and work of the pilot project is also expected to commence in the next two weeks. At present, only one cycle track will be developed while the work of identification of other places across the city is also underway,” VDA secretary, MP Singh told TOI.

As per the report, a team of VDA staff will prepare a ‘detailed project report’ (DPR) and will survey areas across the city, where the scheme will help to reduce maximum congestion.

“Since the city has got several serpentine lanes so construction of cycle lanes on them is not possible. After surveys, roads will be identified where this scheme can be easily implemented,” said Singh.