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Deep Probeen Porisheba (DPP) Team in Kolkata, Photo by Deepannita DAS/NewsGram
“If you cry because the sun has gone out of your life, your tears will prevent you from seeing the stars.”
Rabindranath Tagore

Kolkata, Nov 22, 2016: Light is what guides the needy, out of the hopelessness of darkness. To the distressed people and the people in need, one hope is all that it takes to get them back to living a better life, to make them want to live to the fullest.

This is where ‘Deep Probeen Porisheba’ comes in and becomes a unique destination for the elderly. This one of its kind organisation provides in-home services for the elderly people. It runs an old age facility for the elderly people who can enjoy the services from the comfort of their own home. Filled with old-age-homes and ‘Ashrams’, Kolkata still lacks many of in-home services. The excellent services and multiple options provided by DPP, is making it a popular choice for the elderly, particularly for people in Kolkata.

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International Senior Citizen Day, Source: DPP
International Senior Citizen Day, Source: DPP

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One of their members, Kamlesh Agarwal (79) who lives in Ballygunge says, I have joined DPP in 2015 and it helps me to socialize with people. My son is a Scientist in Orlando and my daughter stays in Dubai. Attending events and sharing stories with other people helps me to cope up with the solitude.”

My therapist helps me to get better each day. “I like to paint and I still feel young at heart.”

When an old couple has children abroad or lost their family, it becomes a dark world for the helpless couple with nobody to take care of them properly, nobody to sit beside and spend the evening with, none to accompany to the medical appointments or none to have the dinner with.

International Senior Citizen Day, Source: DPP

Another member, Pratima Biswas is with DPP for more than 3 years. A resident of Ekdalia, in Kolkata- she feels secure and safe to be connected with the organisation. “They are just a call away. If I have to go somewhere, they reach out to us and guide us accordingly.”

In today’s fast-paced world, one of the neediest people in the society is the elderly or old people who do not have a care in the world or situations have pushed them to the edge of living a life full of solitude. Therefore, they are the ones unable to fully cope with the newest generation, walk along today’s youth, and talk the language of the tech-world.

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India, one of the most prominent developing countries of the third world, is a nation that suffers from the crisis in which a society marks the old age- homes as the inevitable destination for the old people. Children moving abroad in need of better career and occupation or the loss of family leave the old people to reach out to the old age facilities offered nowadays. Kolkata also shows the same picture and the need for such facilities keeps increasing at an alarming rate, proving the distress of the old people in our society.

Dr Kallol Guha, CEO of Deep Probeen Porisheba

But moving one’s old parents to an old-age-home is not the answer that resolves the distress of the old ones. Leaving one’s own home and getting severed from the regular lifestyle is not only painful but also weakens the already weak minds of the old ones. While there are multiple old-age-homes in Kolkata, there are not much of excellent services available for the needy old people.

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DPP’S services include- technology assistance, companionship, social gatherings and picnics in groups, psychological counselling, a visit to the religious places, city-travel assistance, long distance travel assistance, handyman services and car-rental services.

Apart from these their medical services are also extremely helpful and those include-emergency services, regular health monitoring, monthly appointments to the doctor, quarterly visits by the well-known Geriatric specialist, post-operative care, nutrition advice, physiotherapy, help with understanding medical reports or prescriptions and the health-insurance policies and affiliation with the well-known diagnostic and nursing centers in Kolkata.

Established in 2013, ‘Deep Probeen Porisheba’, is an in-home service for the elderly, provided by the Saint James –HRDS India (P) Ltd. – a subsidiary of HRDS, USA.

The services offered by DPP are delivered at home and they are extremely reliable, consistent and professional providing a membership package that is completely flexible and customized to suit the needs of every family.

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Compassionate, well-trained and dedicated carers make the services worth choosing. An expert panel of qualified physicians and medical professionals are a plus in the services and the regular delivery of the progress-reports to the family members anywhere in the globe, make ‘Deep Probeen Porisheba’, a wonderful destination for the elderly and loved ones of one’s family.

– reporting by Antara Kumar of NewsGram. Twitter: @ElaanaC



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