Seeds for Change: The Lives and Work of Suri and Edda Sehgal receives 7 book awards

By NewsGram staff writer

What began as a simple attempt to document the life stories of a couple who founded a visionary philanthropic organization to help the poor in rural India has resulted in an award-winning book.

Suri and Edda Sehgal escaped dangerous and difficult circumstances as refugee children from India and Germany respectively. They met as young adults in the United States, got married and became American citizens.

As per the press release by the Sehgal Foundation, Suri Sehgal was a pivotal figure in the development of the global hybrid-seed industry, considered a living legend in the field. When he and Edda divested their highly successful seed business in 1998, they used the proceeds to establish philanthropic foundations in the US and in India to preserve plant diversity, promote conservation and help those living in poverty in rural India. This chronicle, told in the context of the often astonishing personal, historical and political events of their lives, reveals the Sehgals’ enduring lifelong commitment to helping others that is their family legacy.

This first book published by Sehgal Foundation has been recognized in the US with two gold Midwest Book Awards, a first place National Indie Excellence Award, two silver Ben Franklin Awards and two Foreword Reviews magazine Indie Book of the Year Awards.


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