Sepoy Imliakumao: Sacrified his life so that the countrymen can sleep peacefully

By Ila Garg

Kargil War Heroes – Part 16

Sixteen years after the tragic Kargil war, things haven’t changed much for the families of the martyrs. They parted from their sons and are now destined to live without them as they sacrificed their lives when the duty called them.
Sepoy Imliakumao was a brave son of the nation who unflinchingly risked his life so that the countrymen can sleep peacefully, unafraid of the intruders who had captured several peaks at Drass sector and had all the malicious plans.

He was awarded India’s second highest gallantry award, Maha Vir Chakra for displaying exemplary courage in face of the enemy.

On 8 July 1999, Sepoy Imliakumao volunteered to attack an enemy mortar position located at a height of 15,000 feet in Mashkoh Valley. He joined the assault group that was assigned the task to silence the enemy sentry. The sentry was on duty on the outer perimeter of enemy mortar position. Sepoy Imliakumao and the platoon approached the enemy sentry stealthily during broad daylight which was a huge risk that they had to take. Finally, Sepoy Imliakumao on reaching the sentry, killed him instantly. That was enough to strengthen him, and he kept moving forward until he reached another sentry. He killed him too and subsequently stormed the mortar position along with the assault group. His valour was an inspiration for the troops.

Sepoy Imliakumao showed exemplary courage and determination by personally killing two enemy soldiers. Throughout the attack, his tenacity, grit, composure, confidence and raw courage in the face of the enemy was visible. These qualities then became instrumental in eliminating the enemy from the almost indomitable mortar position. The elimination of enemy personnel by Sepoy Imliakumao was a huge success as it resulted in capturing three 120mm and two 81mm mortars along with a huge stockpile of ammunition.

The valiant action by Sepoy Imliakumao, which was a true demonstration of valour in the presence of a well-entrenched enemy, was the sole factor which paved the way for a successful attack on the enemy mortar position.

The nation might not remember what he did for them, but a family lost their loving son, 16 years ago. In return, the least we can do is include him in our prayers, respect his brave efforts, and remember him with closed eyes once in a while.

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