Serve me up some Dosa, Amsterdam!

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Amsterdam, Netherlands: You can get our hands on the delicacy of the masala dosa, all for EUR 7.50, and of course with our essential energy filler, coffee, for another EUR 4.

Wait a second. What is going on? Euros!

Yes, as you or probably don’t know, the thing is that a new Saravanaa Bhavan is up and running in Amsterdam from March 4 and the whole city is abuzz with it.

The talks have been doing rounds in the Dutch capital, about the inauguration of a new Chennai-based vegetarian restaurant, and all of it came to fruition when the first day saw a massive crowd of more than 350 people.

And oh! The place was designed to accommodate a population of 110 people only.

CEO and managing director, P R Shiva Kumar told about the customers being from the cosmopolitan sector; with 65 percent being Indians and Indian expats, and 35 percent of the rest being the Dutch.

He talked about their staff, all of whom are well equipped and experienced and how it took them about 7 months to acquire a work permit for them.

“All the chefs working in our outlets outside India are trained in the kitchens of the parent company in several capacities. We want to maintain the same taste and quality in each of the outlets” he added.

One also came to know about the background of their waiters. Mr Kumar mentions that it is relatively easier to employ the Indians in London and Paris, as most of them are either students or locally settled in. Whereas, the picture of Netherlands is totally different, with the Indian population being involved mainly in high-skilled tasks of IT and banking.

He did not forget to tell about how they did not really had to advertise their Franchise, since people themselves poured in with much awe of glutton-free food especially those from the Indian diaspora, as the place has a glass façade on both the sides which obviously wowed the mass.

The ingredients are supplied from Paris, as the chain has a quality supplier of the Indian groceries, unlike anywhere in the Netherlands.

The coffee powder, on the other side, is a mix of Arabic and that of peaberry exported from the other parts of Europe, which really sets the bar high.

So, this summer one does not have to worry about bankrupting themselves by spending as much as that of EUR 150 in Paris for only a night as there is the option of heading straight for the Netherlands. (Inputs from The Hindu)