‘Silo Mentality’ a Bottleneck in Government Functioning, Modi tells Bureaucrats

PM Narendra Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modii. IANS

New Delhi, October 18: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked bureaucrats to break out of the “silo mentality”, which he said is a “big bottleneck” in the functioning of the Union government, an official release from the PMO said on Wednesday.

During interactions with around 380 Directors and Deputy Secretaries working in various departments and ministries in the central government in four groups over the last fortnight, Modi asked them to work “with full dedication” towards realizing the dream of ‘New India’ by 2022.

Modi emphasized that it was important to break the “silo mentality” for the effective functioning of the government.

“He said that silo mentality is a big bottleneck in the functioning of the Union government. He urged the officers to adopt innovative ways to break silos, which will result in the speeding up of various processes of governance,” the release said.

During the interactions – the last of which happened on Tuesday, subjects such as governance, corruption, health, education, skill development, agriculture, transport, national integration, water resources, Swachh Bharat, tourism and Government e-Marketplace came up for discussion.

“The Prime Minister exhorted the officers to work with full dedication towards creation of New India by 2022. He said officers at the level of Directors and Deputy Secretaries must create teams to achieve better results,” it said.

A silo mentality is defined as a phenomenon where one department is reluctant to share information with other departments of the same organisation, and also do not welcome suggestions as to how they might improve.(IANS)


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