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Celebrate the comic world with all new version of Comic Con 2016 from Dec 9-11 Wikimedia

New Delhi, Dec 8, 2016: The sixth edition of the Delhi Comic Con is all set to bring to town popular international comic creators along with leading pop culture artists pan-India.

The event is organised by Maruti Suzuki Alto and is scheduled to be held from December 9 – 11, at the NSIC Okhla Grounds here.

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The three-day pop-culture event will showcase caricaturist Tom Richmond, graphic novelist Joe Harris, and French writer and illustrator Nicolas Wild. During the event, the artist will share their respective journeys and how they rose to fame. Harris’ and Wilds’ came to limelight with X-Files Comics and ‘Kabul Disco’, while Richmond has worked for leading channels like Cartoon Network and the National Geographic.

To capture the audiences’ attention the Comic Con will also see six action-packed fan zones including – Gaming and Art Zone, AXN Experience Zone, WWE Zone, ESL India Premiership, Bahubali Zone & Rogue One – A Stars Wars Story among others.

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Jatin Varma, Founder, Comic Con India said “We head into our 6th year in Delhi, bigger and better than ever before! This is the biggest convention we have ever organised, with tons of new exhibitors, activities and exclusives! We have a lot more on offer for fans and we hope to provide Delhi its biggest pop-culture event of the year!”, as reported by PTI.

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Latest version of Comic Con this year, with lot more new features(official facebook page of Comic con)

According to PTI report, creators from across the country including Aniruddho Chakraborty, Vivek Goel and Shamik Das Gupta as well as artists like Saumin Patel, Aniruddho Chakraborty, Akshay Dhar, Shamik Dasgupta, Rajeev Tamahakar, Sumit Kumar, Parmi Jethwani, Reshmi Chandrashekhar, Nikita Das Gupta, Rohit Soni, Rohan Bhatia will also participate in the event.

Not to mention the valuable presence of DJ Elliot, The Official Wal Disney World DJ, along with actor and comedian Gaurav Gera. this event gives the golden opportunity to the fans to dress up as their favourite comic, superhero and gaming characters and participate in the Cosplay. Each day the best dressed comic character would be rewarded with a cash prize of Rs 50,000. The winners will also get an opportunity to participate in ‘Indian Championships of Cosplay’.

Books, apparels and accessories inspired from the popular comics, films and television shows by publishers and merchandisers will be present at the event. Even new Indian comic books will be launched during the 3-day event.

prepared by Saptaparni Goon of NewsGram. Twitter: @saptaparni_goon


Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

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