Smart phones to be banned from British classrooms to benefit learning

By NewsGram Staff Writer

London: On Sunday, Britain’s Schools’ Minister Nick Gibb announced an investigation to look into the disruption in classrooms by students using smart phones during lessons.

Xinhua news agency reported that teachers from across the country are facing similar situation as growing numbers of children are bringing personal devices into classes, which is then hindering teaching and leading to disruption.

According to the London School of Economics, banning mobile phones from classrooms could benefit students’ learning by as much as an additional week’s worth of schooling over an academic year.


The LSE report also found that banning phones would most benefit low-achieving children and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Michael Wilshaw, chief inspector of schools in England has joined the so-called ‘21st century debate’ by calling for schools to ban children from bringing phones into lessons.

The possible banning of mobile devices is presently under review by education expert and former teacher Tom Bennett, who has been tasked by the school’s minister to investigate disruptive behaviour in schools.

(With inputs from IANS)


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