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Social Media Scam: Women offered £2,500 for Fake dates with Manchester United players Ryan Giggs and Daley Blind

It was found after much investigation that the accounts were messaging the women since 2013

Sept 16, 2016: In a social media scam, some women were told that they’ll be given thousands of pounds if they go on dates with Premier League soccer players.

These women were contacted through social media (Twitter) and were offered £2,500 if they agree to go on a date and spend the night with former Manchester United player Ryan Giggs and current defender Daley Blind.

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Two fake Twitter profiles – @Joanne_Gravil, claiming to be Ryan Giggs’ personal assistant, and @Kearns_Danielle, claiming to be the player’s relations officer – approached the women and offered them money to go on dates with the players. The two profiles claim to act on behalf of the players, reported Mirror.

It was found after much investigation that the accounts were messaging the women since 2013.

Francesca Sedgwick, 21, was contacted by the woman who said she was Danielle Kearns. Sedgwick said she followed Kearns on Twitter because she works in social media and marketing and thought the event was related to business, mentioned reports.

“She immediately DM’d me to say one of her clients would like me to attend a ball,” Sedgwick said.

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 I said ‘who is it’ and initially she said it was a footballer. I said I’d not met him before so I wasn’t sure how he knew me.

Sedgwick started getting cynical when she messaged another woman who was following Kearns; this woman told Sedgwick that a different soccer player wanted her to attend the same ball.

“I searched back on Twitter and discovered that these women have been messaging people since 2013 and I was disgusted,” Sedgwick said to

They have both been removed after being exposed by the Manchester Evening News.

Neither player has any link to the accounts and a spokesman for Ryan Giggs said the scam was “absolute nonsense”.

A spokesperson working for Ryan Giggs declared the scam “absolute nonsense” and also confirmed that Ryan does not have a personal assistant.

Manchester United also made a public confirmation that the women had nothing to do with the club. A spokesman said: “There is nobody of the name Danielle Kearns that works for us or has worked for us at Manchester United.”

A spokesperson for The Lowry Hotel also denied any relation with the organizing of the event or with the two fake twitter accounts.

– prepared by Arya Sharan of NewsGram. Twitter: @NoOffense9




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