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Solar power systems are the best and most consumer-friendly methods to achieve clean energy for your household.

By- Yashvi

Issues like global warming and climate change are increasingly gaining traction all around the globe. Due to this, individuals are shifting to more eco-friendly lifestyles. To do this, people have started taking small steps towards changing their way of living. One such step to sustainability is switching to renewable energy and power resources.

People all over the world have started using green energy in their homes as an alternative to electrically generated power. This switch has helped reduce and eliminate the pressure on non-renewable sources, which in turn helps protect the environment.

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Solar power systems are the best and most consumer-friendly methods to achieve clean energy for your household. Homeowners around the globe have started using renewable energy sources like solar panels for homes to fulfill their energy needs. Besides, it is one of the most accessible and easiest ways to switch towards a sustainable lifestyle.

What are Solar Panels?

Using solar panels for homes is among the most practical ways of generating renewable and green energy. In addition, they are the backbone of solar backup systems. Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic (PV) cells which helps convert sunlight into electricity for multiple applications. They are two types of solar panels that are widely used – monocrystalline PERC solar panels and polycrystalline solar panels.

•Monocrystalline PERC solar panels are visibly thick and very smooth on the surface. This is because these cells are cut from one crystal of silicon. This single crystal slice is harder to produce in India, which makes its price higher.

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•Polycrystalline solar panels for homes are more pocket friendly and easier to manufacture within the country. These cells contain a large number of crystals, as it is cut from a block of silicon.

When it comes to choosing the ideal solar panels for your household, the type and capacity of the solar panels needed can be decided according to the size and layout of the area they are to be installed in.

Solar Panel There are multiple advantages to having a solar panel for homePixabay

Advantages of Solar Panels

There are multiple advantages to having a solar panel for home. Solar panels are extremely beneficial for the environment due to their eco-friendly nature, but can also benefit us by maximizing our savings. Some of the most useful advantages of installing solar panels for home are mentioned below.

Energy Independence

Solar panels for home use the energy of the sun, which can be utilized again and again for generating electricity. Thus, solar panels are highly beneficial to the planet because they do not produce or release any greenhouse gases. In addition, using solar panels makes the household completely independent in terms of energy and power supply, besides being supportive of green energy.

Savings on Electricity Bills

As solar panels are priced at slightly higher rates, people think of them as a huge investment. The truth is that with a solar panel for home, you can start saving money from the first day. It helps you decrease the electricity bill by more than half and gives great long term returns. You can calculate the exact savings you will incur by switching to a solar panel for home with the help of online calculators.

Low maintenance

Solar panels for homes are extremely low maintenance and durable. Moreover, most solar panels come with a performance warranty period of around 25 years. With this kind of performance warranty period and durability, solar panels tend to generate electricity for a long time, in many cases, up to 30-40 years.

Increases Home Value in Real Estate

Solar panels for home are extremely long-lasting in nature. Most of the solar panels come with 25 years of performance warranty service, as mentioned earlier. Therefore, if you ever plan on selling the house you install solar panels in, you can get a good price on the house due to the solar panels.

Your Way Forward

It is evident that going solar does not only benefit the environment, but also offers several advantages to you. With the correct provider, it is easy to find the perfect solar panel for home and enjoy a hassle-free installation procedure.

Amongst the many, trusted brands like Luminous that specialize in providing solar power systems that come backed with the latest technologies and deliver optimum performance. So, head on to their website to find the perfect solar panel for home now!

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There are two types of welcome bonuses - deposit and no deposit.

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