Some Beauty Hacks to Rule This Monsoon!

Here are some beauty hacks which will relieve you from the worries about weather and make you prepared for this season

Beauty Hacks
Beauty hacks for monsoon. Pixabay

July 23, 2017: A lot of people love monsoon, the smell of mud it produces, falling raindrops and its mesmerizing effect. Nevertheless, it is essential to protect your body, hair, and skin from its aftereffects. Here are a few beauty hacks which will relieve you from the worries about weather and make you prepared for this season.


It is better to protect your face and not expose it to the humid weather outside. Use an SPF 30 to prevent the sun from directly hampering you. Also, use a suntan lotion for the whole body to protect you.

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Lip care 

This season encourages the use of dark shades of lipsticks, however, it becomes a cumbersome process to remove the lipstick stain. An effective beauty hack is to try using vaseline on your lips to massage and see how effective it is in removing the stain.

Base for makeup 

Firstly, create a smear-proof base for yourself using a primer. This season avoid using heavy base foundation and instead try out a BB or CC cream that would give coverage as well as SPF protection. Translucent powder can be used as one of the makeup hacks to soak the perspiration arising due to humidity.


Do not fill your eyelids with colors as the rain water or the humidity arising from it can wash it off. It will be a better beauty hack to create a graphic eye look using water proof eye liners, kohl pencils and felt pen liners than going for heavy eye shadows. The eye brows can get unruly and to avoid this situation, use a hair spray and brush them.


In order to remove the grime, exfoliate your feet using a homemade coffee scrub by using equal portions of sea salt, corn meal and coffee. A few drops of almond oil can be added and then you’re all set to scrub your feet.

Try wearing covered shoes most of the time as contact with the rain water can cause infections. Do not wear wet shoes for a long period and make sure to wash them.


The humidity can lead to an oily or dry skin. Try to clean your skin at least twice a day so as to wash off all the sweat, build up of dead and impurities. Use a creamy cleanser to keep the skin moist if it is dry. Choose a soapless gel cleanser for oily skin that will purify and cleanse the skin while maintaining its pH.

Face mask and Hair mask

Using kitchen ingredients, make a face mask or hair mask. For skin, create a mask using milk, besan, and honey, and blend together olive oil, banana, and avocado, and make use of it as a pack for hair if you want to prevent frizzy hair. Choose scrubs made of oatmeal, curd, rose water and orange peels, on the basis of your skin type as a mask.

Face mask to protect your skin. Pixabay

Hair treatment 

It’ll be best to avoid styling this season, but instead of a heavy mousse, use a light hair serum for the hair treatment that won’t weigh your hair down if it’s unavoidable. To hack frizzy hair, befriend with anti-frizz products and humidity control sprays.

Tea bags 

No, this beauty hack is not about drinking tea. It’s about placing a tea bag on the oiliest areas of your face. Tea contains tannins which shrink pores and help control sebum production, therefore, it is a natural oily skin hack that can be added to your regimen.


In this sticky and sweaty weather, putting a perfume on your checklist is essential. In order to make it lasting, mix your perfume with a bit of vaseline and rub it on the back of your ears, neck and on your wrists. This will help you keep fresh and make you smell good for a longer period.

– prepared by Harsimran Kaur of NewsGram. Twitter @Hkaur1025

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