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By NewsGram Staff Writer

While the world watched with bated breath the unfolding tragedy in Nepal, a few on twitter started their own agenda. #SoulVultures turned the dialogue on the social media away from a humanitarian one to sheer communal bigotry.

The tag is being used against the religious conversion activities carried out by missionaries, under the garb of love, care and helping.

The twitter handle, belonging to a certain Matthew Armendarez, which was the first to tweet religiosity rather than relief and respite, has been deactivated.

Armendarez tweeted about how 99.5% of Nepal is untouched by Christianity and could not hear the Gospel before death.

Needless to say that the issue was magnified out of proportion due to its sentimental value and basic misunderstanding of expression. However, even the presence of such ideas during a community’s hour of need, betray a huge vacuum in humanitarian understanding and thinking beyond faith.

No ground evidence of any such activity is there to corroborate the social media outcry. However in all the humbug, a few tweets did display the potential of vested interests in behaving with perfect opportunist attitude, apathetic to the sentimentality and needs of people.

Most of the Twitter handles which tweeted so have been deactivated or turned private.

This is how Twitter reacted to #SoulVenultures


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