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Spain. Image source:
  • Spain, just like India, stays awake throughout the night and night life makes it more lively
  • Spanish families are closely linked together just like Indian families
  • Spanish people are as crazy about food as Indians

“When I came to Spain for an internship two months ago, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It wasn’t that I was expecting a massive culture shock but still, imagine my surprise to find that I felt right at home in Madrid,” said Shwetali Sapte, quoted Website. She has done a summer internship in Spain as well.

Let’s find out what is it about Spain that makes an Indian feel at ease in Spain-

Barcelona at Night. Image Courtesy : Wikimedia Commons

  • The Night Life: Much like the Indian cities, Spanish cities never sleep. They are as alive as Mumbai at night, never closing their eyes for a while. Thus, there is no way one would feel out of place because they have to return to the hotel at a fixed time or something like that. Night life of Spain is the one life they never neglect or forget to live.

A Spanish Delicacy. Image Courtesy : Wikimedia Commons

  • Food Junkies: Indians are known across the world for their love for food. Kolkata’s Kochuri, Mumbai’s Vada Pav and Delhi’s Golgappa are things which Indians can never get tired of. Luckily, Spain would never disappoint an Indian tourist on that front. They have all kinds of restaurants and serve food alongside drinks. The Spanish dine with their family members at one table and procrastinate the process of getting up, being engrossed in discussions over food. That is one thing which the Indians are very much acquainted with.
  • Regional Dialects: Different regions of India have people speaking in different dialects. Even inside a state, there are different languages spoken by different people. Similarly, in Spain, in every region, a different dialect can be found to be spoken. Ergo, Spanish is not the only language spoken in Spain. Basque, Catalan and Galician are some of them. There is a multitude of cultural expression through architecture found in India. Be it the example of Portuguese art in the Cathedrals of Goa or the Mughal art in Fatehpur Sikhri. Spain also boasts of cultural variation throughout its landscape- the crumbled leftovers of Romans can be found in Extremadura and the Moorish touch can be found in the mosque of Andalucía.

The Spanish life. Image Courtesy :

  • Curious People: Inquisitive people make up the population of India. Everyone is extremely delighted when provided with the life details of others. This habit of asking each other questions about their life, like you have known them for a long time, the feeling of familiarity and welcoming nature finds a unique place in Spanish culture as well.

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A Spanish family eating together. Image Courtesy:

  • Strong Family Bonds: Indian people are very strongly bound with their family and every family follows certain traditions of their own. In Spain, there are closely knit families as well, unlike in America or other countries where the nuclear family is a common sight. That is also a similarity between Indian households and their Spanish counterparts.

“Indeed, within a few short weeks, Spain has become my home away from home. I’ll come back here again and again, to fling tomatoes during La Tomatina in Bunuel just as I would fling colours during Holi, the festival of colour in India. I’ll come back to take a walk down to Lava pies in Madrid for a plate of piping hot samosas and kebabs just as I would in Mumbai. And should I ever feel homesick, I know I’d be welcome to sit down for dinner with my Spanish family anytime”, Shwetali wrote in The Local.

Thus, Spain can prove to be the home away from home, for Indians.

-This article is modified by Atreyee Sengupta, an intern at NewsGram.




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