Students rally in support of the FTII students in Kolkata

By Arnab Mitra

Kolkata: The students of SRFTI, Jadavpur University, Presidency University and other colleges in Kolkata carried out a solidarity march in support of the FTII students on August 21 from College Square.ftii

They demanded that Gajendra Chauhan should resign from the post and Modi Government should restrain from saffronisation of the National Institutes.

ftiiThe two month long protests on the demand of the resignation of the chairman of FTII, Gajendra Chauhan took a dramatic turn on the midnight crackdown of Police in the institute on August 19.ftii

The incident catered huge criticism from the civil society and film fraternity, raising questions on the despotic attitude of the Modi Government.ftii

From the rally, the students gave a candid message to the anarchic BJP Government, “Let the institute be free from saffronisation”.  #freeftii #strikeison #nofear.ftii