Stylish and Trendy Footwear to Try Out this Winter

Couple in Boots
Boots are your ally this winter so try these pairs in style. Pixabay

Winter is soon going to knock on the door, it’s not just warm, waterproof layers you need to consider but your trendy footwear for fall, too. Sneakers are here to stay and boots are your ally this winter so try these pairs in style, say experts.

Regardless of what you choose to buy or wear, remember people do notice your shoes so it’s time to step up your shoe game as well, suggest Ankita Bajaj Shankar, Spokesperson, Vans India and Harkirat Singh, Managing Director of Woodland.

Here are our go-to-pairs for the winter suggested by fashion experts.

Chelsea boots

Black colored Chelsea Boots. Wikimedia

A good pair of Chelsea splits the difference between summer and fall, as well as formal and informal, proving both versatile and effortlessly stylish. While Chelsea can come in either suede or smooth leather, the typical pair includes a leather sole, rounded toe box, and minimal stitching. Pair them with everything from ripped denim to Italian suiting, fitting both streetwear and formal styles with ease. They’re effortlessly trendy footwear and easy to wear.

Dark colored sneakers

Blue colored Sneakers. Pixabay

Also, invest in a pair of classic black sneakers. They will go well with your winter wardrobe and compliment all your shades of grey or black. From high tops to slip ons to lace-ups, there is so much you can choose from.

Chukka boots

Tan colored Chukka Boots. Wikimedia

Chukka style-boots are perhaps the most versatile of all boot styles – they can be worn both casually and can be dressed up with ease because of their low profile and simple design. They are trendy footwear with traditional earth tones; feel free to get a bit more adventurous with bolder colors.

High top sneakers

High Top chained Sneakers really look cool on the casual wears in winters. Wikimedia

If you have been eyeing that high top pair, now is your chance to get it. This trendy footwear will keep your feet warm and at the same time add to your style quotient. Mix and match the print or the fabric of the shoe to suit your requirement: from leather to suede or print to plain.

 Lace-up boots

High ankle lace-up Boots are evergreen and always preferred for winters. Pixabay

Since lace-up boots are similar to dress shoes, they share a simple aesthetic that’s easy to pair with a far wider range of outfits. They are smart and timeless classics. These boots add more class to even those tired or unoriginal outfits. That is why they’re reliable all-around. Dress it up with a suit or down with a black quilted leather bomber jacket and charcoal wool trousers to showcase your sartorial self. Dark brown leather dress trendy footwear will add some edge to an otherwise classic look.

* Technical solutions: When buying shoes in the winter, focus on keeping your feet warm. Look for sneakers with some tech in them: bonded seams or sealed seams take care of small pockets of space where water or air can get in or winterized soles which help you through wet and icy conditions.(IANS)


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