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Supporting JNU students, Indian-American students protest in US

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New York: Expressing their solidarity with the students of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) who were arrested in a case of sedition and criminal conspiracy, students from two US Universities expressed their concern. They gathered at Washington Square Park showing their support.

Students, including Indian-Americans, from New York University (NYU) and the Cooper Union college in New York, gathered at Washington Square Park to support JNU Students Union leader Kanhaiya Kumar and other students who were arrested on sedition charges last month, the Washington Square News newspaper reported on Monday.

An Indian-American student said during the protest that the primary purpose of the event was to raise awareness about Kumar’s arrest.

“[Kumar] was arrested for making these comments against the government, even though he was not actually saying anything against the government, he was just having this poetry reading,” Anjana Sreedhar said.

“We are protesting against the fact that he was arrested under the sedition law which is very antiquated and very outdated,” Sreedhar added.

Sreedhar, along with several other students read English transcripts of Kumar’s speech during the poetry reading and asked if his words warranted arrest. They also encouraged passersby and attendees to attend a forum discussion at the Cooper Union next week.

A student activist at the NYU Sumathy Kumar said she attended the rally because she wants to show her support to the JNU students who were “beaten and arrested and so much violence was being committed against them just for speaking out”.

“I am an activist, and I think we take it for granted sometimes that we have the right to dissent and that home where my parents are from and where I call my ancestors are from, they are not allowed to dissent,” Kumar said.

Anthropology professor Tejaswini Ganti said that she was glad students were voicing support for JNU’s students and that universities should be an open forum for all opinions – even those that dissent against the governing party.(IANS)

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Brisbane, Australia Protests Against Plans To Decriminalize Abortion

Senator Matthew Canavan was among those in attendance, along with Liberal National Party Senator for Queensland Amanda Stoker.

Polish women shout slogans while raising a hanger, the symbol of illegal abortion, during a nationwide strike and demonstration to protest a legislative proposal for a total ban on abortion in Warsaw, Poland, Oct. 3, 2016. VOA

Thousands of people marched in central Brisbane on Saturday to protest against plans to decriminalize abortion in the state of Queensland.

The demonstrators marched from Queens Gardens in Brisbane’s Central Business District to Speaker’s Corner outside Parliament House, carrying signs that read “Choose Life” and “Pro-Life Pro-Woman”, an epa-efe journalist reported.

The “March for Life” was protesting a proposed bill by the Labour state government, called the Termination of Pregnancy Bill 2018, which would legalize abortion up to 22 weeks into pregnancy, with allowances made under certain conditions for abortions after that.

Queensland and New South Wales are the only states in Australia that continue to treat abortion as a crime.

The “March for Life” was protesting a proposed bill by the Labour state government. VOA

The bill is scheduled to be voted on October 16, and Cherish Life, the organization behind the rally, has said it “is imperative that Queenslanders urge their MPs to vote No”, according to a statement by the group.

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Senator Matthew Canavan was among those in attendance, along with Liberal National Party Senator for Queensland Amanda Stoker.

Canavan praised the “fantastic turnout” at the march. “So proud to stand with thousands of Queenslanders for the gift of life”, he tweeted. (IANS)

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