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SYPWAI engineers.

By Evelina Brown

SYPWAI has focused not on its expansion, but the development of companies as well

AI introduction drives business growth and revenue by creating a competitive advantage and improving business strategies. AI-powered market analysis, pattern recognition, and customer segmentation tools provide personalized and targeted customer interactions. Business performance forecasts enable you to customize forecast models in real-time, thereby driving corporate growth and delivering higher margins.

The increased efficiencies achieved by AI advocates reduce business-as-usual costs. Machine learning algorithms improve the efficiency of processes, workforce, and value chain.

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What happens when a third-party request comes into SYPWAI?

Every day, SYPWAI users solve many issues, such as problems with the service, increased sales, increased customer loyalty, workflow optimization, and many others. This became possible thanks to the large number of platform employees from all over the world who are engaged in neural network markup and platform support.

When SYPWAI receives a request from a company about a problem, this request/task is sent to hundreds of SYPWAI platform users to their personal accounts. To solve the problem, the user needs to pass an IQ test to confirm competence in this topic and the ability to solve it correctly.

AI introduction drives business growth and revenue. Unsplash

So, having received the task and passed the test, the user proceeds to the task. Then, after the deadline, SYPWAI collects all the solved data and automatically forms the correct answer. What for payment, each user who solved the problem correctly receives the remuneration for the completed task.

Migrating AI from the data world to the real world

The cost to develop and implement an AI project ranges from a few hundred dollars to several million dollars, depending on its complexity, use case, industry, and resources available. Collecting and structuring data, human resources, and vendor costs are the three main costs for machine learning projects.

The development and implementation of artificial intelligence are time-consuming. According to research by Deloitte, the average time to launch is 12 months. Experienced data scientists and well-structured data can reduce implementation times to three months while developing new concepts that require data sources can take up to three years.

The ROI of an AI project depends on the success of the business. Unsplash

The ROI of an AI project depends on the success of the business in addressing key development and investment challenges. According to M-Brain, these include:

  • Tools and methods for collecting, storing, and processing data;
  • Selection of a vendor with the required level of AI expertise;

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  • Compliance with laws and regulations, especially in the field of finance and health;
  • Selection of a technical team and tools for the project.

SYPWAI is a field for self-development. Here specialists try to find the best value, like-minded and ambitious people who are willing to grow up. They also invent non-standard and high-performance solutions and are ready to share their experience with colleagues from other companies.

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