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Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

Our spaces should be an extension of our personalities.

It isn't surprising that our moods and spirits instantly lift up the moment we step into a well-designed space. Our built spaces have a colossal impact on our emotions, carrying us through various states of mind as we move through different areas. Perhaps, this powerful ability of architecture is the reason were able to perceive people to a great extent by taking a look at their dwellings.

Our spaces should be an extension of our personalities. Owing to their energetic and bubbly personalities, some people prefer brightly coloured spaces embellished with avant-garde decor, inspiring energy and cheer. Others opt for sobriety through simple, subtle designs that parade minimalism, inspiring calmness and comfort.

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Visitors at a South Indian Temple

By Renata Nathania

You know you are in South India, especially parts of peninsular India, if you are surrounded by elaborate rock structures and colorful, tall temples. In the south, even the smallest temple that is erected at the corner of a city square is intricately designed. Most of them are made from stone or boulders, perhaps owing to the availability of large rock massed in the Deccan plateau. While this temple architecture is predominant in the southernmost tip of India, most parts of the erstwhile Pandya, Chola, and Vijayanagar kingdoms boast of this heritage.

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"I was introduced to an online training platform by a dear colleague of mine during my first job", shares Apurva Bhalerao. Pexels

Apurva Bhalerao is a postgraduate in Mechatronics.

About the Author: Apurva Bhalerao is a postgraduate in Mechatronics. She joined Internshala Trainings for Internet of Things training. She shares how an online training helped her complete her project and land a job in the core industry.

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Basadi Betta, is an important pilgrim center located in Karnataka. Wikimedia Commons

Basadi Betta, is an important pilgrim center located on the top of the Mandharagiri hills, in the village of Pandithanahalli, in Karnataka, India. Turned into a pilgrimage center for members of the Jaina religion, you can reach Basadi Betta through 435 steps.

From the top, four enclosed temples wrapped in illustrations are visible. The main area is where you can find a huge statue of Chandranatha Thirthankara. Eighth thirthankara (or master dharma expert in the jaina religion), Thirthankara appears represented totally naked next to a column of floral motifs and a mural with reliefs of tigers and cows crossing the statue as per an article by India Raju.

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