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Poster for the Exhibition

Method, Kala Ghoda presents a group show by 4 artists titled "What Remains" starting 11th November, until 27th November 2021. With the seismic shift taking place in society as we know it, we are faced with a question: Through constant change, is there strength in what remains? In regard to the personal or the intimate, life may be nothing more than a stripping away. But when something fades away, does newness ever bloom?

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Without any elaboration or discussion, Method asked four artists to give their own interpretation for a simple yet complex phrase: What Remains?

Participating Artists:

Yashwant Singh

Yashwant Singh was Born in Bharatpur (Rajasthan) in 1994, Yashwant Singh received both BFA (2017) and MFA (2019) degrees from the College of Art, New Delhi, where he is now based. His continuous engagement in Art Practice has developed a distinctive approach to painting, primarily figurative. Yashwant's work locates its foundation in his strong perseverance of the idea of landscape and its presence in current times. He engages himself in painting, performance and sculpture. He often uses his own body to take body prints.

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