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Photo by Estefania Escalante Fernandez on Unsplash

Red vekvet cake is best eaten with ermine frosting or cream cheese

The Waldorf Astoria is credited with inventing the red velvet cake, or rather claims to do so. In 1943, a cookbook by the name "Joy of Cooking" came up with the recipe for a re velvet cake. Other sources point to the Victorian era for the origins of this delicious dessert. Despite all the claims, the red velvet cake has become a luxurious preference all over the world.

The velvety texture of this cake comes from the interaction of cocoa powder with the coarse flour, which allows the crumb to become soft and refined. Modern recipes call for a combination of acid and cocoa, to allow to cocoa to bloom, and this makes the velvety texture lighter to taste.

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Families are trying to strike a balance between daily routines and other inspirational activities. Pixabay

To survive the Covid-19 pandemic, families the world over are trying to strike balance between daily routines and other more emotionally-laden and inspirational activities that go well beyond their daily schedules in order to counter massive disruption to their everyday life, say researchers.
For many families, life has become more precarious, anxious and accelerated.

“Rather than a combination of strategic activities and well-planned decisions, we found that when normality is disrupted abruptly, family care looks more like an intricate improvised ‘dance’,” said Dr Pilar Rojas Gaviria, Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Birmingham in the UK.

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A house is seen decorated with Christmas lights in the borough of Queens in New York December 22, 2010. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton (UNITED STATES) VOA

This is the season when everyone is looking forward to some plum pudding, Christmas cake and mulled wine. If you want to be everyone’s favorite this year, you can spread the love with some self baked goodies. Sous Chef Vijesh Modi from The Deltin, Daman shares the secret recipe to a perfect Panettone.

1. Panettone

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