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Women protesting for passing theWomen’s Reservation Bill.

On 12 September 1996, a speech took place in the Lok Sabha of the Indian parliament, wherein it was introduced that from now on, one-third of seats will be reserved for women in the Lok Sabha and state legislative assemblies. But, when we look at the present scenario of women representation in the Indian parliament, it is evident how the Women's Reservation Bill exists only on paper and is yet to become operational

Even an analysis was done by the PRS Legislative Research, and it showed that less than fifteen percent of the women are a part of the Lok Sabha and state legislative assemblies. Moreover, it is understood that when there is less representation of women in the legislative bodies, then its impact is directly seen on the country's decision making and policy framing.

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Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Congress workers are resigning almost every day in protest against the state of affairs in UP.

When Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra arrives in Lucknow on Friday, after a gap of almost a year and a half, to assess ground realities in her party, she will be in for some surprises and shocks - more of the latter.

Among the 'shocks' she will be faced with are a non-existent organization at the grassroots level, dwindling public support to the party, severe infighting in party ranks and a total loss of direction on the eve of assembly elections.

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"During her tour, she is expected to interact with various sections in the party. It remains to be seen whether only a selected group is allowed to meet her so that reality remains hidden or if Priyanka meets rank and file," said a party leader.

The Congress has put up a poor show in the recent panchayat polls, exposing the claims made by state leadership that it had built strong organization teams at district and block levels following the party's revamp.

The UPCC leaders had assured the party leadership of a good show in the panchayat polls that they said would make the party a strong claimant for power in the 2022 UP assembly elections.

However, the Congress fared miserably even in its bastions, including Amethi, Raebareli and Sultanpur, and the party could not make its presence felt in the panchayat elections.

Except for three block panchayats in Congress Legislature Party leader Aradhana Mishra's assembly constituency and a block panchayat in Amethi MLC Deepak Singh's area, no other party leader has been able to ensure the victory of any party supported candidate in the rural polls.

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Wikimedia Commons

BSP Supremo Mayawati

The mood of the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) vote bank in this Dalit capital of north India continues to remain confused and wavering as the last few elections have marginalized the party. The deep frustration in the BSP cadre is the result of the gnawing feeling of utter irrelevance of the party in the current political scenario, as well as that of party supremo Mayawati, who looks fatigued and spent out.

Local leaders of the BSP are particularly disenchanted with Muslim politics, and many feel the Muslim votes will again go to the Samajwadi Party. Ahead of the 2022 Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, Mayawati has made new appointments besides restructuring the party organization, but insiders say the 'josh' (enthusiasm) is clearly missing. The voters are neither angry nor too happy with the Yogi Adityanath government in Lucknow, according to poll watchers in the city which has a sizeable population of Dalits, mostly engaged in the shoe industry.

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At present, all the nine Assembly seats in Lucknow are with the BJP which has three MPs from the district, two in the Lok Sabha, and one in the Rajya Sabha. "The last four years have seen social tranquility, though vain efforts were made to flare up the Hathras gang-rape incident. But prompt intervention by the judiciary and the proactive approach of the Chief Minister helped defuse the tension," observed a local Dalit leader.

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Former Union Minister and Congress MP Shashi Tharoor. Wikimedia Commons

The BJP slammed former Union Minister and Congress MP Shashi Tharoor for questioning the progress the country made in recent years. The saffron party leaders said that making fun of the country is Tharoor’s favorite pastime.

In a tweet, Shashi Tharoor said, “Since the BJP is so obsessed w/our image, reflect: For decades, the world saw India as a land of snake-charmers and fakirs lying on nails. In the last 25 yrs, India became the home of doctors and computer geeks. Now we’re a land where people drink cow urine and bathe in cow dung. Progress?”

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