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Cyberattacks increased by 37 percent. Pixabay

Cyberattacks on hospitals and healthcare organizations have emerged as a top hacker trend in 2020, as monthly cyberattacks per healthcare organization jumped 37 percent in the last 12 months, said a report by cybersecurity firm Check Point. In November and December 2020, cyberattacks targeting healthcare organizations globally increased by 45 percent — double the global increase of attacks seen in the same time period across all industry sectors, said the company’s “2021 Security Report.”

Recent Check Point Research from October showed that healthcare is currently the most targeted industry in the US, with a 71 percent increase in attacks compared to September. One of the most prolific cyber threats hospitals and healthcare organizations face is ransomware. Behind ransomware is the hacker technique of what is known as “double-extortion”.

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Over three in four organizations in India experienced more than 25 per cent more increase in cyber threats amid pandemic. Unsplash

Over three in four organizations in India experienced more than 25 percent more increase in cyber threats or alerts amid the shift to mass remote working owing to the pandemic, a new Cisco report revealed on Thursday.

As organizations in India witnessed a significant rise in the cybersecurity challenges, 65 percent of those surveyed said they adopted cybersecurity measures to support remote working, according to networking giant Cisco’s ‘Future of Secure Remote Work’ report.

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The hacker group is known as ShinyHunters, the same group behind breaching private repositories on Microsoft-owned GitHub (the hacker is believed to have acquired around 1,200 private repositories) and Tokopedia. Pixabay

A hacker group is selling data of 10 companies including online dating app Zoosk, US newspaper Star Tribune and food delivery service Chef that contains over 73 million user records over the Dark Web for $18,000 (nearly Rs 13.6 lakh).

Other companies are printing service Chatbooks, South Korean fashion platform SocialShare, online marketplace Minted, online newspaper Chronicle of Higher Education, South Korean furniture magazine GGuMim, health magazine Mindful and Indonesia online store Bhinneka, reports ZDNet. The listed databases have 73.2 million user records, with each database sold separately.

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Cybercriminals has also started to exploit fears around the COVID-19 outbreak to conduct email scams, phishing and ransomware attacks. Pixabay

With companies across the globe turning to work from home, via the online medium amid the COVID-19 outbreak, threats to cyber security have increased.

Deepak Bhawnani, CEO at Alea Consulting said: “Companies, large and small, will be impacted due to ramifications of work from home, as this will lead to cyber security risk concerns. Proprietary corporate data is being accessed from laptops and home PCs that may not have the same level of firewall and security as in-office setups.

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