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Severe mental disorders can lead to premature biological ageing. Pixabay

Older people with severe mental disorders are at significantly increased risk of dying from Covid-19, a new study suggests. The findings indicate that among the elderly, the proportion of deaths due to Covid-19 was almost fourfold for those with severe mental disorders compared to non-mentally ill people of the same age.

“We see a high excess mortality due to Covid-19 among the elderly with severe mental disorders, which gives us reason to consider whether this group should be given priority for vaccines,” said researcher Martin Maripuu, Associate Professor at Umea University in Sweden.

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FILE - Doctors treat a patient with prostate cancer at an operating room in Ramat Aviv Medical Center's Urology department in Tel Aviv, Israel, May 5, 2016. VOA

Death rates from prostate cancer — the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men — have stabilized or declined in dozens of countries since the turn of the century, the American Cancer Society reported Tuesday.

In 33 of 44 countries surveyed, the incidence of prostate cancer had stabilized in the last five years for which data was available — and in seven countries, it was down, the report found.

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World Health Organization poster for Hepatitis Campaign. VOA

London, Sep 16, 2017: Viral hepatitis with 1.34 million deaths globally has surpassed all chronic infectious diseases including HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis, according to a study by Global Burden of Disease.

The study reveals that in 2016, the total deaths caused by viral hepatitis, including liver cancer, acute cases, cirrhosis, hepatitis A, E, B, C and D account for 1.34 million globally, exceeding tuberculosis (1.2 million), HIV/AIDS (1 million) and malaria (719,000).

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