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Game of Thrones taught us some significant lessons

Honestly, who hasn’t watched one of the epic series of HBO– Game of Thrones?

There’s no question that when the first episode of Game of Thrones was released on April 11, 2011, the youth population of the world became exuberant. The main reasons behind this reaction was, first, the theme of the show, and second, the hidden lessons which it put forward.

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The actress is reprising Vimmy's character in 'Bunty Aur Babli 2' "10 years from the time we left her in the first

It's been 25 years for Rani Mukerji in the movies. Along the course of her journey, the actress has played many a character, but, for her, Vimmy from the 'Bunty Aur Babli' franchise is one who's closest to her heart. In a conversation with IANS, Rani said, "It's special that I have completed 25 years in cinema with the character that is probably closest to my heart. I feel I was born to play Vimmy. I remember I was blown away by her when 'Bunty Aur Babli' was first narrated to me. Her energy, even from the pages of the script, was very infectious and I'm fortunate that I have her in my filmography."

The actress is reprising Vimmy's character in 'Bunty Aur Babli 2' "10 years from the time we left her in the first". Turning the pages of time, Rani said: "Looking back at my journey in films, I feel blessed that I did the films that I worked in, and in a way, they're all special. I'm fortunate that I got a chance to collaborate creatively with some of the finest actors and technicians that the industry has ever seen. I'm proud that I've witnessed them and their work at such close proximity, learnt from them, and tried to be better with each passing film of mine, which I till date do."

Mukerji at Audio release of Talaash. The actress is reprising Vimmy's character in 'Bunty Aur Babli 2' "10 years from the time we left her in the first" | Wikimedia Commons

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Even though the 1980s were simple, most people who lived through the decade believe them to be the best years of their lives.

By- Tomas Sire

The Entertaining Eighties

When we look back at entertainment through the decades, the 1960s were counterculture, the fall of the old order and Mad Men; the 1950s seemed preoccupied with conformity, McCarthyism, and the middle-secret class's soul-implosion; and the 1940s consisted of mainly First and Second World War movies. However, no decade in contemporary culture compares to the 1980s. It's almost a genre of its own.

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Wikimedia Commons

A Pachisi board

What is commonly known as Ludo in today's world, comes from a more primitive form, called Pachisi. Translating to "twenty-five" in Hindi, this game represents the highest available score for each participant. Some game versions, however, have an upper limit of thirty.

Pachisi was a game that the ancient monarchs patronised in India. Emperor Akbar was known to play this game extensively. He even built a courtroom in the shape of the Pachisi board, which forms a cross. Slaves dressed in the colours of the players' teams would move as the pawns. Historical records show that other rulers too played this game when there were no royal decrees to be signed, or punishments and rewards to be handed out.

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