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Tips to save your electric bike in winters. Pixabay

By Linda Carter

An electric bike calls for the same care as a manual bicycle during the winter, with the additional consideration that electric bikes for adults have batteries that are sensitive to fluctuations in temperature. The following electric bike storage and maintenance guidelines will preserve the condition of a men’s or women’s electric bicycle throughout the cold season and prepare for the first ride of the spring.

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Keep yourself going by focusing on indoor training during quarantine. Pixabay

By Ayesha Billimoria

Being shut indoors for days without any great movement can be quite frustrating and often demotivating.

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If you reside near the coastal regions or are going on a vacation to the beach, you should choose a sunscreen lotions containing SPF 30 to 50. Pixabay

It’s a known fact that sunscreen saves your skin from the adverse effects of UV rays. Applying it while stepping out of your house is a must, but you need to do it while staying indoors as well, say experts.

Technology and harmful radiations from devices have barged into our living and sleeping spaces in a big way.

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