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I simply become one of many that felt the backlash of yet another scam rumour and a decrease in value.

Ever get the feeling that the whispers on the internet are true? And that the misspelt, poor grammatical endeavour and sheer disregard to the laws of syntax Reddit posts, could, in fact, be on to something? That the cryptocurrency market is nothing but a new wheel spin for the sickeningly rich to benefit from the hopeful?

Me too, and that’s why, when I became a presale holder of HUH Token and Safemoon I was less than thrilled with what went down… but you might be shocked by what I mean by that statement.

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Franck/ Unsplash

A first thing worth noting is that the wireless router designed by Google Nest is attractive and minimal.

By- Rebecca Rogers

Google Nest Wi-Fi is its newest mesh Wi-Fi system from Google. It replaces your existing Wi-Fi router and comes with a router and wireless access point(s).To log in to a router, we use as an IP address. Google Nest Wi-Fi points extend your home's coverage while also acting as Google Assistant speakers. For additional coverage, Google Nest Wi-Fi can also be connected to Google Wi-Fi points from previous versions.

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Apache has now released a new security patch to address the second bug.

As the Internet faces one of the most serious vulnerabilities in recent years putting millions of devices at hacking risk, attackers are now making thousands of attempts to exploit a second vulnerability involving a Java logging system called 'Apache log4j2'.

The description of the new vulnerability, titled 'CVE 2021-45046', says the fix to address the earlier security bug (CVE-2021-44228) in 'Apache Log4j 2.15.0' was "incomplete in certain non-default configurations".

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Photo by Jorge Fernández on Unsplash

Take a look at these entertaining time-killing websites and put an end to boredom.

Boredom seems to be an unavoidable aspect of existence. Sure, you can pass the time on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter when you’re bored but you can only browse for so long before things become monotonous and uninteresting. The internet has revolutionized the world in various ways, be it politics, shopping, or journalism, to name a few. It has also completely redefined how individuals spend their time.

If there is ever a point when the internet is the most beneficial, it’s for curing boredom. Internet is vast and has dozens of websites that may be used to break the monotony.

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