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The App Store acts as the lone gateway for mobile applications of any kind onto iPhones or other Apple devices.

Apple will be forced to loosen the grip it holds on its App Store payment system, a U.S. federal judge ruled Friday in a closely watched battle with Fortnite maker Epic Games. Though app makers will be able to take steps to skirt the up to 30% commission Apple takes on sales, the tech giant avoided being branded an illegal monopoly in the case. Here are some key questions on the App Store and the impact of the ruling:

How does the App Store work?

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Photo by Joshua Mayo on Unsplash
man in gray hoodie holding black smartphone

Nowadays, life has become too easy to survive and get along with the pace of the world. The tasks which needed a long process a few years back are now being accomplished by the tips of fingers. Taking snaps is a common example. Long ago, a person who wanted to capture a moment had to meet a photographer first, but technology has really evolved so much that every second person is clicking the photo even on casual days. Especially now that mobile phones are so convenient to take pictures, most people must save a lot of photos in their mobile phones. As an iPhone user, if you think how to transfer photos and files from iPhone to PC or if you think how to transfer photos from PC to iPhone without iTunes, then this article will show you how to do it.

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Photo by Bagus Hernawan on Unsplash

iPhone 7

By Jade

Most people have smartphones in their hands which are being used all over the world, and some people change their smartphone every two years so that they might have difficulty transferring data from one smartphones to another. For example, people do not know how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android, how to transfer data from Android to Android, or iPhone to iPhone.

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Person wearing silver aluminium case Apple Watch with white Sports Band.

The Apple Watch has again been credited with helping to detect a user's potentially life-threatening heart condition, media reports said.

Diane Feenstra from Michigan said her Apple Watch alerted her to an abnormally high heart rate, sending her to urgent care where an EKG revealed that she had had a recent heart attack without realizing it, reports 9To5Mac.

"The day in question, April 22, I had 169 beats per minute heart rate even though the most vigorous exercise I had done was to walk up 12 steps. So I called my husband at work and said do you think this is concerning? And he said call your doctor," Feenstra told WZZM in an interview.

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At the local urgent care center, doctors performed an EKG, which revealed that Feenstra had recently had a heart attack without realizing it.

According to the report, the symptoms of a heart attack may vary a lot in both men and women.

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