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Officials encouraged the use of cloth masks in the spring of 2020.

Prominent public health officials in the US have increasingly highlighted the limitations of cloth face masks, pushing for more effective respirator masks such as N95s as the Omicron variant is rapidly spreading across the country, a shift in messaging from earlier in the pandemic, the Washington Examiner reported. Officials encouraged the use of cloth masks in the spring of 2020 as a desperate measure to slow the spread of Covid-19 after previously recommending against masks and continued to boost them in the months after. Now, though, more experts are saying that the masks are not helpful, the report said.

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By Arul Louis

The US and the presidency of Joe Biden lurched from crisis to crisis in 2021 and political and health uncertainties cloud the year ahead. The nation faced a crisis of democracy; surges in the Covid-19 pandemic; a chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan dimming its global perception; a challenge from China to its status as the premier superpower; a crisis of illegal immigration at the border with Mexico; electoral reverses for Biden's Democratic Party; and a legislative logjam, but amid them, all ties with India continued to grow.

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Flag of America

US President Joe Biden's approval rating has fallen to the lowest level over his handling of the economy, Covid-19 pandemic and gun violence, according to an ABC News/Ipsos poll. The survey revealed that Americans have named surging inflation as their top concern, Xinhua news agency.

According to the poll, 28 per cent of Americans approved of Biden's handling of inflation, while a majority at 69 per cent, disapproved. The President has witnessed a drop in approval rates in his handling of the economic recovery, with 41 per cent of Americans approving his handling in December, compared to 47 per cent back in October.

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Washington announced a diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics.

Amid vaulting China-US one-upmanship and US President Joe Biden's recriminations against Russia, East-West tensions spilling onto the turf of sports didn't raise many eyebrows as Washington announced a diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics, scheduled in Beijing from February 4-20 next year, triggering a swift response from China amid a Yuletide season rendered hot by geostrategic tensions.

Acerbic relations between the two superpowers have recently been in flux as the United States under Joe Biden has raised the heat on China under Xi Jinping's stewardship.

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