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Traditional Indian Wedding. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
  • The business of weddings has not even been affected by recession and the average cost remains a whopping $100,000
  • Everyone wants a piece of the industry and there have been many budding startups and one such notable venture, by Dave Singh, taps into by providing wedding attire
  • There are also hotels who have tapped into the business by holding crash courses for staff on South Asian wedding traditions

Indian weddings are a huge industry in Canada. A documentary “Little India Big Business” was aired on July 23, exploring the booming business sector in Vancouver. The documentary, by CBC journalist Bal Brach, takes into account how extravagant the affair has become.

“I was stunned to hear the average cost of an Indian wedding is $100,000 and most of the time, its hard working immigrant parents footing the bill for week-long celebrations,” Brach was quoted as saying before the documentary aired.

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