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Photo by Pixabay.

In order to understand modern Indian history, one must read these books.

As we know that Indian history is broadly divided into three categories, namely, ancient, medieval, and modern. Therefore, in order to understand where India stands today, one must read some of the books on modern Indian history which will throw light on how India became what it became.

The Idea of India by Sunil Khilani

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Books on Indian history provide you with all-you-need information. Wikimedia Commons

The history of India can be described as rich and turbulent. The south Asian country has faced many invasions and survived through most of them. India is the home to one of the first three civilizations that existed on earth, the Indus Valley Civilization. From ancient times to the Mahajanpadas, rolling down all the way to the Delhi Sultanate, not before the Mughals came, and finally the infamous/famous ‘British Raj’; the country’s history is a tale, that too, a great one!

Parts of this great tale have been recorded in many books, written by several writers. All of them have different approaches, styles of storytelling, and a deep knowledge about ‘India’ as a subject. Here are 10 books you must read if you want to know about Indian history:

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