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The Judicial Magistrate Court agreed to hand over the accused in the alleged rape of a woman IAF officer.

On Thursday, September 30, The Judicial Magistrate Court in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu agreed to the appeal of the Indian Air Force to hand over the accused in the alleged rape of a woman IAF officer. The case was brought to the public's notice when the complainant filed a report to the police and consequent arrest of the alleged IAF officer Amitesh. In her FIR, the complainant gives a detailed account of what happened on the night of assault as well as of the callous treatment and harassment she received from the authorities who she tried to reach out for help, she adds that she was even subjected to the banned two-finger test during the medical examination.

The survivor told the police that she was sexually assaulted by her colleague Amitesh Harmukh on the September 10th, she explained that she had sustained an injury on the evening of September 9th for which she was given some painkillers, later that evening she and her peers went to the Officers' Mess bar, where she had two drinks, one of which Amitesh had allegedly insisted on paying for. She felt nauseous and her coursemates took her to her room and put her to bed. She reports that later she remembers being woken up by the accused lieutenant, who had entered her room non-consensually; however, she told him she wanted to sleep and asked him to leave. Upon waking up the next morning, she was questioned by her friends and with the physical evidence, she discovered that she had been raped while unconscious.

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"When India grows, the world grows. When India reforms, the world transforms.": PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the 76th United Nations General Assembly on Saturday held in New York. Prime Minister Modi touched on various issues ranging from making nasal vaccines in India to making an indirect remark on Pakistan for using terrorism as a political tool. PM Modi also highlighted how India is the mother of all democracies and how strategically and effectively India has managed the Covid-19 pandemic. He made comments on the developments in Afghanistan and poverty alleviation.

India: Mother of democracy

In his address at the UNGA session, PM Modi said that for the last one and a half years the world has been facing the biggest global epidemic of the century. He further added that he represents the mother of all democracies, where there are dozens of languages, hundreds of dialects, and different lifestyles and cuisines. India is a shining example of a vibrant democracy and it is recognized for its diversity.

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Manish Tewari, Congress spokesperson asked "Where is the national exit plan,". WIkimedia Commons

The Congress has asked the government to spell out a roadmap for exiting the lockdown two days ahead of the expiry of lockdown-3 and following Prime Minister Modi seeking the states’ suggestions for lifting the restrictions.

“Where is the national exit plan,” asked Manish Tewari, Congress spokesperson on Friday.

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A teacher writes in Ewondo, one of Cameroon's native languages, at a school in Yaounde. VOA

Cameroon is commemorating International Mother Language Day, February 21, by launching what it calls an ambitious program to save its endangered national languages.

The central African state has over 260 national languages, but only 40 are taught in schools. Cameroonians speak mostly French and English, which are foreign but official languages and part of an entrenched separatist conflict that has cost about 3,000 lives since 2017.

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